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I am Marc Stuart, a Spiritual Medium, though people often get this confused with being a Psychic Medium.  I am very Clairvoyant in the way I get messages and work.

Based in central Scotland, I work internationally and recently was in China, United States and, of course, the UK. My primary role is to provide proof of life after death, personal evidence, and messages from loved ones who have crossed over.

I run three Zoom circles a week and work in both Church services locally, and online on Zoom.

I have a business background and look to help the people I train to work professionally as Mediums. I combine my ability to train and run circles with consultancy to help Mediums earn money as professionals. I run another site for Mediums I have trained where online Zoom readings are done with videos provided called

I am the author of the book "Opening and Closing: Why Closing Is Essential for all Spiritual Workers or Defence 101".


So just a quick guide to the site and where and what to find.

If you are looking to engage me in any way to work as a Medium, please go to Readings in the menu. There are three pages, one for a private Reading, one for events and one for Church and Charity work.

If you are looking to receive training or join one of my circles, please go to Circles and Training. There are a number of different programs I run and you can fill the forms out here. I ask that you either go to a circle and get readings from my students or come to an open circle to learn what it is like to be trained by myself first.

If you are here for a guided meditation, this page on the menu will take you to the  multiple channels where you can find my free meditations.

Under links and in the other links, you will find social media links and information about the team, Mediumship and myself.

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