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Marc Stuart is a Scottish Medium, spiritual teacher and entrepreneur.  He serves as one of the resident Mediums at the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church in Scotland, and was a guest speaker & medium at the Lily Dale Spiritualist community located in New York last year.  He conducts training programs and workshops in Scottish Spiritualism and Mediumship, offers private readings, and guest speaking engagements at spiritual events and church communities at home in Scotland and abroad.    

Marc also holds a degree in Business Organisation and has previously been a member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland and the Scottish Institute of bankers and has an extensive business background.



I am a Traditional Scottish Spiritualualist.

This is a very straightforward method of giving messages from you loved ones.  Taught through Scottish Spiritualist Churches and Centres manty dating back over a century like the one I am an active member of - The Dunfermline Spiritualist Church.  

I do not work full time as a Medium.  My primary business is investing in property both in Scotland and the USA. And I work for one of the largest Marketing Companies in the world Ipsos Mori.

I have a business background and this helps me in my Spiritual work. In the current world I am doing virtually everything online.

I run many training options and I see the spreading of Scottish Spiritualist methods outside of Scotland as my major task in life.

So far this year I have worked both in China and the USA before the lock down came into effect in March.

Marc - 24th September 2020.


Spiritual Activities Carried out by Marc

Development Circles

Development Circles are designed to “develop” a student's mediumship talents in a safe group environment. Marc uses the Scottish methods known for centuries to build a student's solid foundation for spiritual connection.  Through his teachings each week Marc trains participants in the proper basics of opening and closing by using guided meditations that the student can easily use for daily practice along with other lessons that are vital to a Medium’s toolbox.  Students from all over the world participate in each circle, giving and receiving readings through Marc’s guidance. As part of this offer you get to attend two each lasting for an hour and a half.

Marc runs what he calls a Circle Program.  It is the entry level of training he offers in Spiritualism.  Alternatively people can participate in individual circles.


We are dreamers, shapers,
singers and makers.



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