Business Development and Building Program

Marc has a Business background.  He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with what is now PWC in 1990.  Then went on to work for several large international Banks and several medium sized Scottish Businesses.  Eventually he launched two of his own businesses.  These evolved over the years into an investment based business called Caduceus Capital which invests in property in the USA.

When Marc discovered the need for Traditional Scottish Spiritualism in the USA he encountered a very different economy for Spiritualists.  That has also changed dramatically with the Corona-virus Pandemic.  Marc has had to restructure his own working as a Medium and brought his business and IT skills to help him.

Now with people being trained to work as Mediums Marc wants to bring the main aspect of Scottish Spiritualism to the USA to get people to set up and work through Scottish styled Churches.  These are the main way the Scottish Mediums find clients.

But it is also not enough.  And even those Churches or Centers have to be able to market themselves,

So Marc and his American based Partner Patty also train and support the following aspects of Business development for Mediums:

Spiritual Business Services
Mobile Design

This is a new website being set up between February and March which is providing a complete online reading service for the public.  From the site they will be able to select a Medium,  book online,  pay and when they have had the Zoom reading get a video of the reading.

This is based on the way that Marc has been working over the last two years since Corona Virus Pandemic began. He has used this method to give readings to people from the USA, UK, Australia, India, China and South Africa.

The only Mediums who will be allowed on this site will be people from the Circle program.  So people will know exactly what type of reading they will be getting, only from people trained by Marc.

Each person will get their own individual page. Videos can be added.

Links into the diary and Zoom platforms all generated automatically.  The Mediums simply say wen they are available to take bookings and everything after that other than doing the readings is dealt with.