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Marc has a Business background.  He qualified as a Chartered Accountant with what is now PWC in 1990.  Then went on to work for several large international Banks and several medium sized Scottish Businesses.  Eventually he launched two of his own businesses.  These evolved over the years into an investment based business called Caduceus Capital which invests in property in the USA.

When Marc discovered the need for Traditional Scottish Spiritualism in the USA he encountered a very different economy for Spiritualists.  That has also changed dramatically with the Corona-virus Pandemic.  Marc has had to restructure his own working as a Medium and brought his business and IT skills to help him.

Now with people being trained to work as Mediums Marc wants to bring the main aspect of Scottish Spiritualism to the USA to get people to set up and work through Scottish styled Churches.  These are the main way the Scottish Mediums find clients.

But it is also not enough.  And even those Churches or Centers have to be able to market themselves,

So Marc and his American based Partner Patty also train and support the following aspects of Business development for Mediums:

Spiritual Business Services

Financial planning and how to plan ahead and work out the business plan.  This Marc would work with you at the start.

The exact price of this module is more on a time basis and every person will be different as they will have different objectives.



Marc works with his Partner Patty Valentine or the Lady of the Lake.  She is based in Fredonia just outside of Lily Dale New York State.  She attends approximately two USA Fairs a month during the Fair season.  In a good Fair it is possible to take well in excess of $2,000 a Fair.  We will help you to get registered with the two main companies,  for your first attempt possible shair a table with you and help you with the how to do it.

People at Fairs respond very well to the Scottish Spiritualism approach.

It is also possible to do retail products at a Fair and again we can introduce you to suppliers and give advice on what to sell and also what not to sell.

Mobile Design

Web Site

Setting up a website is the first task you need to do.  Even if you are not actively using it for getting business,  you need  it to distinguish yourself from the scam artists.

However it can be a very serious way of generating readings for you. You do need to find a vertical market to really make it work.  This can be local,  or some particular skill such as of course Scottish Spiritualism but others as well.

The the site needs set up.  Marc has status on the Wix platform as a Partner.  He is thus able to design, edit, support and host your website for you.

Marc is highly skilled in web design and has been doing this as a business role for many years.



Setting up a Facebook page is the first second you need to do.  It is not possible these days to work as a Medium and not be on Facebook.

Being on Facebook however presents a large number of obstacles.  There is so much chatter about nonsense,  so many people looking for free readings and so many people offering free readings and having no idea about what they are doing.

Having a presence on Facebook which shows you are a real Spiritual Medium will get you readings. There are several tricks of the trade that you have to learn and how to "play the game".  Facebook also has rules which might get in your way if you are not careful.

Marc is markets himself through Facebook.  Has a presence there and generates a lot of noise. Let him help you to do the same.






  • This is about having the infrastructure in place

  • Facebook Page

  • Web Page

  • Broadcast Platforms such as Streamyard and Business software like PayPal Business Account 

  • Having the ability to work and give evidence to a satisfactory level through the training

  • And the marketing to ensure that you stand out from everyone else online as using the Scottish techniques.

  • Then putting it all together in terms of Marketing such as which Facebook groups to join and how to advertise yourself.

As a businessman and with a technical background in computing business systems this is where as a Medium as well Marc is key to helping you.


Local Marketing

This is probably in the short term going to form part of your online activities.

Under normal circumstances it is about being found locally.  The best way to do that is through the Church Program.  Organize a service event on a weekly basis.  Let word of mouth spread the word of the way you are seen to work.


Then you will find that people approach you locally.



A retail premises has a number of advantages as a base for working as a Medium when linked to early set up pf a Church.

However currently not recommended re the Virus situation.

Retail can also be looked at re Fairs and online.

Marc works with Patty Valentine who runs a themed and related retail outlet in the USA.


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