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Using Tech to show you and the Cards on the Screen at the same time

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The course runs over two days .  NOTE: the video talks about a specific course that was run in June - dates are now set as required.

The first week shows how this works in terms of outputs and goes into detail in terms of what software and equipment you need.

The second week looks at Zoom and how to make this work in Zoom. Setting it all up and getting it to work.  Any people who have bought the equipment needed and set up accounts with the software can get hands on support setting it all up.  Also covered is how to do this as a live broadcast through Facebook and Youtube.  Again anyone with the equipment and software can get help setting it up during the day.

In summary you will need accounts with two online apps,  OBS Studio and StreamYard - both free of charge.

You will need some hardware to make this work,  a green screen,  lighting and a second (s) computer camera.  Note you must have a computer for this it is not suitable for a smartphone/tablet environment.

The cost of the course is $250.00.

To register press the PayPal button and you will be sent out the Zoom links for the course the next day and to arrange suitable dates and times with you.  

It is a very technical one-to-one course and hands on in helping you to set up.

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