The Spiritual Church or Center Program

All of Scottish Spiritualism is based around working in Spiritual Churches.

Please note you do not have to be studying Mediumship to do this program.  Simply a commitment to run a spiritual center that is based in and around the concepts of Scottish Spiritualism.

That would be:

  • A Service with a Medium giving at least 45 minutes of evidence in a Divine Service weekly.

  • A Spiritual Development Circle teaching Mediumship.


  • The principle that the Church/Center is open to all.


  • Wherever possible have visiting Mediums in the services. 


  • That evidence from Platform/Gateway is given directly and not called out.

We would be looking for you to try to start a local "Church" called "Your Location Spiritualist Center/Church".

Starting to host a local Circle and holding a public monthly meeting of Service and Mediumship Demonstrations.

We would support you and also put you in touch with a Scottish Spiritualist Church to also support and help guide you.   

The objective of this program is to build up a network of such centers based on Scottish Spiritualist Methods.

However this will also lead to generating people locally who will very quickly also become clients when they see the style of evidence that you will be offering through the Church from the working Mediums.

This is also part of the equation that if you work for Spirit by promoting Spiritualism like this,  Spirit will work for you!

If you get any of the advanced training from Marc it is "compulsory" to either do this or commit to doing this.  It you wish to do this by itself there will be a charge for time but we will keep it to a minimum.





Marc Stuart is a Scottish Medium, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur.  He serves as one of the resident Mediums at the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church in Scotland and was a guest speaker and medium at the Lily Dale Spiritualist community located in New York last year.  He conducts training programs and workshops in Scottish Spiritualism and Mediumship, offers private readings, and guest speaking engagements at spiritual events and church communities at home in Scotland and abroad.

Marc is also an International Spiritual Church Trained Medium who before the current crisis traveled to the USA several times a year.  This year he also worked in China in January.   


Marc also holds a degree in Business Organisation and has previously been a member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland and the Scottish Institute of bankers and has an extensive business background.


I would just like to take a moment to thank you for coming to my web site.  Just taking this short space to welcome and thank you for tour time.

​I work with what I call Traditional Scottish Spiritualism.  Taught through Scottish Spiritualist Churches and Centers dating back over a century like the one I am one of the Mediums for The Dunfermline Spiritualist Church.  

I do not work full time as a Medium I also work in various Business activities. I have a business background, and this helps me in my Spiritual work.

In the current world I am doing virtually everything online.

I run many training options and I see the spreading of Scottish Spiritualist methods outside of Scotland as my major task in life.  This site is organised under several headings which I hope you will find easy to navigate.

So far this year I have worked both in China and the USA before the lock down came into effect in March.




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