Circle Course Program
Leading to Professional Mediumship

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Question: What are the two things you need to work as a Professional Medium?


1.The Skills and Ability to connect to the other side

There is a difference between the ability to receive things from Spirit and being able to understand and convey this as messages to people.  This is the difference between being simply aware of Spirit and being a Medium.

You learn all of this here.  You develop the skills of Mediumship in circles. Books and courses help, but the only real way to develop is sitting in a circle long term.


A circle is a group of people sitting together learning from a working medium, or circle leader.  You learn the skills from opening and closing, receiving, and how to meditate along with other essential knowledge. 

Traditionally people met in physical groups, but over the COVID period Marc started to run and develop circles using Zoom and they work just as well as in real life meetings.

As a general rule Marc says it takes at least 52 Circle sessions to develop the full range of skills to be able to make sure you are able to connect for a client with their spiritual loved ones in a fashion that enables you to deliver messages for them.

Anyone within reason can develop these skills. Find out yourself at one of the Saturday Open Circle sessions which you can attend free of charge for the first time.


2.The Ability to Earn an Income in Mediumship

Once you are ready Marc offers a unique opportunity only available to trained Mediums.

You will have the ability to work and to do paid readings on


Clients know that only approved mediums work here.  They get videos of the reading. They know that there is a system of quality control for the readings.  So, it is a very easy sell to get bookings, if you are on this site. 

Plus, you get all the business support required.  Marc has been working as a professional International Medium for years and he brings all his experience to support and train you at this higher level. In 2019 immediately before the lock down he was in China in January and the USA in March, as just two examples.

Income opportunities also continue as you will be given opportunities to work within the circles and provide training.  You will also be a part of the quality control and are expected to continue to attend training, but the training will be at a much more advanced level. You will also learn how to work in areas such as events and on stage.

In each circle you can expect to get the following: A Guided Meditation where you will have a one-to-one conversation with a loved one on the other side, receive a message from another student (and they are excellent messages), give a message to another student with feedback from the student and then detailed feedback from the circle leader (often Marc himself) and lessons for the week.


Why Train With Marc Stuart Medium?

  • First, Marc Has a Developed and Proven Mediumship Training Methodology that Works

Marc himself was trained in Scotland in "old school Mediumship" as he calls it. He often calls his teaching style Traditional Scottish Spiritual Mediumship.

Mediumship is taught through doing. There is zero tolerance with Marc for sitting in a class and learning jargon. From day one, in a circle, you will be doing guided meditations, connecting with Spirit and exploring how your Spirit communicates with you.

Marc laughs at other teachers who hand out plates of strange food so you can learn different tastes - just in case Spirit will give you that taste some day.

His circles are very hands on and develop muscles you will need.

When you come to a free Saturday trial event you will experience for yourself what this is like, see existing students, and be able to talk with them yourself.

  • Second, this is the Only Training Method/Person that provides ways for you to start earning as a Medium as part of the package.

The system comes in two modules. The first one is to provide you with the Mediumship skills. The second one, which you can only access once you have completed the training, completely provides you with multiple areas to actually work as a Medium and earn money while moving into more advanced forms of training at the same time.

  • Third, Just Who is Marc Stuart Medium Anyway?

Marc is one of the Mediums for the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church which is over a century old.  He is happy to demonstrate Spirit Communicating through him on stage or in Churches anywhere and, relatively, any time.

Internationally, pre COVID in January 2019, he worked in China, and in March 2019, in the United States. In normal times, he travels to the USA about three times a year.

He has a business background in Accounting, Banking, Marketing and Property Investment. He uses these skills to put the business modules of the training together.

He is one of the few Mediums in the UK to have an actual booking agent for corporate and stage events.


How Fast do you want your full 52, and do you want more than that?

There are three time periods to do this in: a year, nine months, or six months.

The difference is how many Circles you want to attend a week. During the training, you are allowed to attend a maximum of three circles a week if doing this over six months, the max number we think a keen person at this stage can handle.  If you choose nine months, it will be two a week and one a week if done in a year.

Duration      Circles and Hours within that time period

One Year         52 Circles 

(156 total training hours)


Nine Months   108  Circles

(324 total training hours)


Six Months       312  Circles

(936 total training hours)

As you can see the shorter the time period the more hours are crammed into this to compensate for how quickly you are trying to progress.  Do not underestimate how much hard work you will be doing in the shorter time period if this is your chosen option.

Multiple Circles and Many Members

The circles are structured deliberately so people have a number of choices as to when they can attend and they can change this on a weekly basis.  This means that there is a wider community of people that you meet in the circles.  It also makes an individual circle unpredictable because you never know who be there that week.


This might seem counterintuitive in some ways if you have experienced only one circle.  But, it means that there is a community of people working to develop and you never getting stuck in a rut unable to bring forward new spirits to give new evidence.


You can easily find yourself finding it difficult to give new evidence to the circle member who has been going every week with you to the same circle for a year or longer...

The Private Facebook Circle Group

All Circles are video recorded and then posted to this private group for circle members and people in training courses run by Marc.  Membership to this private group is only available to active circle members.

It also provides a venue for dates and information to be posted.  It is also easy to look at the circle membership list as it acts as an online telephone directory for the active circle members. 


If you leave the circles but have a clear intention of staying or working with the members in some way, then please make sure to communicate this so that your circle membership continues.  Otherwise, leave the circles and you leave the group.


Circle App

There is also a Circle App to help people access circles,  links and all the key information in one place.

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Costs of Circle Course Training

One Year Time Scale

$1015 or $99 per month  

Nine Months Time Scale

$1015  or $132.50 per month  

Six Months Time Scale

$1015 or $199 per month  

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Business Circle Level

​When, and only when, your training is completed and we are happy with your level of skill, will you get access to the Business Level Mediumship Circle. This includes:

  • A page on, the site restricted for people trained and approved by Marc Stuart for readings.  There will also be an APP provided for people using the site and you get onto this as well for bookings. \

  • Full integration with Zoom, plus an online booking system.

  • Full marketing for the site.

  • Opportunities to work with Marc providing Circle Training in Marc's groups and being paid for it. Could you run a circle yourself? Yes we would pay you to run one if we think you could do so! You will be teaching others what you have been taught and learning how to run such training.

  • Potentially working with Marc Stuart Medium both online and in person.  Marc works internationally and often in the USA.  He has a formulae for people to promote and work with him in an area and between yourself and Marc he is happy to come to your area and work with you and as such raise your credibility as a working Medium considerably.

  • Work across the USA in large city Fayres.  Marc works with a USA based Medium who goes to approx. two of these a month and would be happy to share the cost of her table with a trained Medium.

  • Unlimited Circles. Question, does an Olympic Athlete stop the training and the exorcising? Of course not in fact they intensify the preparation for the race.  Well likewise with Mediumship, the more you do the more preparation you need.  On the Business Circle level you get unlimited access to all circles.

  • We will help you to earn by training you to run circles and then provide candidates for you to train in circles and pay you to do so.  This is not guaranteed as it depends on demand and the number of people looking to work this way with us.

What to Do Next

Come to a free Sunday Zoom Open Circle to experience the training methods used.