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Program Summery

This is a two week program which gives you all of the following:


You get all together in an introductory package to show how Marc trains and works with people to teach Mediumship. This will not turn you into a working Medium as it is simply an introduction, but it is hands- on all the way and clearly shows what you are working towards and how you will get there.

For the introductory price of $135.  

One Hour Private Reading

Marc works to very strict rules. He sees his purpose as a Medium as connecting people with their loved ones on the other side and giving personal evidence. A private reading with Marc usually costs $80 if in person or $50 if online but is included in this offer.  You also get a video recording  of the reading.

Private Reading
Video Workshop

Three Hour Video Workshop Filmed live   just outside
Lily Dale - March 2020.

This is basically over three hours of video's explaining the basics of the Scottish methods towards Spiritualism.    Marc charges $150 for this workshop when it was filmed in March in Fredonia. Included in the offer price of only $135. 


It is a combination of  history, the way the movement is set up in Scotland and the actual training itself. 


The Scottish "Spiritual Industry" is huge and is Church based.  Training is done through circles and give almost immediate hands on experiences for people. This is a short ten minute introduction.

Development Circles

Attend two Spiritual Development Circles

Marc Stuart Medium telephone box in China

Development Circles are designed to “develop” a student's mediumship

talents in a safe group environment. Marc uses the Scottish methods known

for centuries to build a student's solid foundation for spiritual connection. 

To attend a Circle on a monthly basis with Marc is $60. This is included in this

package for only $135. 


Through his teachings each week, Marc trains participants in the proper

basics of opening and closing by using guided meditations that the student

can easily use for daily practice, along with other lessons that are vital to a

Medium’s toolbox. Your first circle will have you opening and closing. By the

second circle you will have given at least one message from Spirit - giving

real evidence of life after death.


Students from all over the world participate in each circle, giving and

receiving readings through Marc’s guidance. As part of this offer you get to

attend two each lasting for an hour and a half.

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Personal Training

One to One Personal Training Session with Marc

This is one hour with Marc Stuart. After you have attended two circles, Marc will give you one hour of dedicated training and assessment of where you are and what your needs are in terms of development. It is done after the two circle attendances so that Marc has had three to four hours already of working with you to see your current level. Marc charges $50 for a one to one training session.

Price and Instructions


  • To order and take advantage of this introductory offer click the PayPal button.  That will take you to the PayPal shopping cart / Payment platform.  You can also pay by debit card and credit card there.

  • Once payment is processed you should receive an email containing the links needed for the training videos and the circles.

  • You will then be contacted by by Marc  within a day to arrange times for the reading and follow up training.

  • The reading is given first.  Followed by the two circles and finally the one to one training session.

  • The total cost of all elements in this program is only $135. 

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