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Every circle has a guided meditation. 


Marc is in the process of doing a number of these for free use and is posting them on his YouTube channels and on Facebook.  A few of them will be added here as examples.  The best way also to get the full benefit of these is to do them live in a Circle.  You can attend a circle for free to experience this for the first time. Details at the foot of the page as well as the Circle page.  

Marc is producing two types of Guided Meditations. The ones from the  Circle are live nd involve people taking part. The second are recorded specifically either to be sent simply to sleep/meditate or to also go on a Guided Meditation. There are two YouTube Channels one for each of these types of Meditations.

These are examples of the Meditations and you wil find the links to YouTube and Facebook where you wil find more.

Full and Live when recorded Spiritual Guided Meditation

Shorter Spiritual Guided Meditation

Free Guided Meditations

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