Business Level Commision Rates and Instructions

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Hello this page is to bring information together for the Business Section being launched over the next few months.  At this stage most people who are joining this section know who they are.  It will be expanded  as the income earning opportunities are added.  The imagery chosen for the design of this page is based on the historical Woman's Land Army from Scotland and the rest of the UK during World War 2.  As at the moment every member of this level are women,  his did seem appropriate.

American and Scottish Weekend

Weekend (s)


This is the new way for marketing the Training and Circles.  The idea is to sell a ticket for the weekend which comprises 3 Circles,  the Personal Development event on Sunday and a new lecture event on Saturday.  There is a closing what you should do next which is essentially a closing session to try to get them to sign up with us.

Tickets are sold on Eventbrite.  We will only sell a maximum of five and even that number might be reduced in the future.  It is essential if you refer someone to get their email so you can let us know that they are referral,  this is not Facebook and people use different forms of email so don't assume it will be obvious who is who re ticket sales.  And if you do refer someone,  you get paid more depending n what they sign up for,  so be on hand during the weekend to help and support the person to make the correct decision.

The commision is paid on the outcome of the event, as in if they only but the weekend ticked it is at that rate,  if they but the training and pay up front it is at that rate, and for utter clarity not the addition of both.


Sitter to Circle - $5

Ticket Sale only -  $10

Ticket Sale and or Circle Membership - $20

Ticket Sale and or Training Level Membership - $40

Ticket Sale and or Training Level Paid up front (with discount) - $80

Selling Prices

Weekend Even Ticket  -  $150


Circle Membership One Weekend Event  -  $65  /  £40

Circle Membership Two Weekend Events - $95 /  £50

Training Level 

One Year Time Scale - $1015 or $99 per month  (2 Events a week)

​​Nine Months Time Scale - $1015  or $132.50 per month  (3 events a week)

​Six Months Time Scale - $1015 or $199 per month  (unlimited events)

Note there is an effective discount for people to pay up front:

1 Year (1188-1015) = $173 or 14.6%

9 Months  (1193-1015) = $177 or  14.9%

6 Months (1194-1015) = $179 or  15%

Up Front Price $1015

Note that we intent to seriously increase the price in approx six months to the region of around $4K.


Information about the programs/Circles

Weekend Information Page

Tickets Page (Links from the Information Page to this page,  if ready to buy a ticket then use this link)

Tickets for Circle Readings (s)


We are now selling $10 tickets for readings at Wednesday and Saturday circles.  This is replacing the open come and try the circle (see the weekend tickets) to provide people looking for readings.

The price is $10.  We guartantee only one reading per person,  more if they get them just not promised.  If they do not get a reading for example if busy or do not get a decent reading,  then Marc will give one by the end if required. 

Commision per ticket sold is $5.  If someone then goes on to a weekend ticked and to training etc,  the commision is at the final level appropriate etc.

There us a central web site on this web,  and direct ticket sites on Eventbrite to be used as appropriate.

Wednesday tickets direct link:

Saturday tickets direct link:

Selling Packages for Dee Dee Miller


Milyan Fish Soultions, LLC

Content Production Packages

Dee Dee will pay a commision of 20% of the sale value for signed contract's that run for a minimum of three months.  Again please note this is not from Marc Stuart Medium but direct with Dee Dee herself.  Please use this email for any communication etc as required: 


3mo. Minimum contract


$125/5 min. of edited video

$25 per graphic design promo


Package A


            20 min. of edited video(s)

            12 graphic design promos


Package B


            30 min. of edited video

            12 graphic design promos


Package C


            45 min. of edited video

            20 graphic design promos


These are introduction prices good for the first 5 customers.

20% Commission on signed/paid contracts.


$500/hr custom remote production

            30 min. prep/set-up/tech support/coaching

            30 min. finished production.

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