Question: Are you looking to develop at your own pace without the drive to start working as a Professional Medium?

The Skills and Ability to connect to the other side

You may have just awoken and started to experience what it is like to communicate with the other side.  The thought of turning this into a career is not something you have considered.  If you would rather develop as a professional Medium then look at the Training Program otherwise read on.

There is a difference between the ability to receive things from Spirit and being able to understand and convey this as messages to people.  This is the difference between being simply aware of Spirit and Being a Medium.

You learn all of this here.  You develop the skills of Mediumship in circles. Books and courses help, but the only real way to develop is sitting in a circle long term.


It is a group of people sitting together (circle) learning from a working medium, or circle leader.  You learn the skills from opening and closing, receiving and how to meditate along with other essential knowledge. 

Traditionally people met in physical groups, but over the Covid period Marc started to run and develop circles using Zoom and they work just as well as in real life meetings.

Anyone within reason can develop these skills, find out yourself at one of the Saturday Open Circle sessions which you can attend free of charge for the first time.


Why Train With Marc Stuart Medium?

  • First Marc Has a Developed and Proven Mediumship Training Methodology that Works

Marc himself was training in Scotland in old school Mediumship as he calls it.  He often calls his teaching style as Traditional Scottish Spiritual Mediumship.

It is taught through doing.  There is zero tolerance with Marc for sitting in a class and learning jargon. From day one in a circle you will be doing Guided Meditations and connecting with Spirit and exploring how your Spirit communicates with you.

Marc laughs at other teachers who had out plates of strange food so you can learn different tastes just in case Spirit will give you that taste some day.

It is very hands on and muscle development.

When you come to a free Saturday trial event you will experience yourself what this is like and see existing students and be able to talk with them yourself.

  • Second Just Who is Marc Stuart Medium Anyway?

Marc is one of the Mediums for the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church which is over a century old.  He is happy to demonstrate Spirit Communicating through him on stage or in Churches anywhere and relatively any time.

International, pre Covid in January 2019 he worked in China and March 2019 in the USA.  In normal times he travels to the USA about three times a year.

He has a business background in Accounting, Banking, Marketing and Property Investment. Skills that he has used to put the Business modules of the training together.

He is one of the few Mediums in the UK to have an actual booking agent for corporate and stage events.


There are Three Circles all th the Weekend for the Mediumship Membership Program

As you can see the shorter the time period the more hours are crammed into this to compensate for how quickly you are trying to progress.  Do not underestimate how much hard work you will be doing in the shorter time period if this is your chosen option.

Multiple Circles and Many Members

The circles are structured deliberately so people have a number of choices as to when and they can change on a weekly basis.  This means that there is a wider of community of people that you meet in the circles.  It also makes an individual circle unpredictable as in who will be there that week.


This might seem counter intuitive in some ways if you have experience of one circle.  But it means that there is a community of people working to develop and you and never getting stuck in a rut unable to bring forward new spirits to give new evidence.


You can easily find yourself finding it difficult to give new evidence to the circle member who has been going every week with you to the same circle for a year or longer...

The Private Facebook Circle Group

All Circles are video recorded and then posed into a private group for circle members and people on training courses run by Marc.  Membership to this private group is only available to active circle members.

It also provides a venue for dates and information to be posted.  It is also easy to look at the circle membership list as it acts as an online telephone directory for the active circle members. 


If you leave the circles but have a clear intention of staying or working with the members in some way then please make sure to communicate this so that your circle membership continues.  Otherwise leave the circles and you leave the group.


Email Newsletter

Marc also sends out a monthly email newsletter with information to circle members.  This is usually behind posts in the group.

Circle App

There is also a Circle App to help people access circles,  links and all the key information in one place.

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Costs of Circle Course Training

One Circle Per Weekend

$65 per month / £40 per month  

Two Circle per Weekend

$90 per month / £55 per month

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What to Do Next

If you have been to a circle and had a discussion with Marc or Dee Dee then you are ready to decide which Program or level you wish to start with.  To look at the Training Program go here.  To choose Membership choose one of these two options to sign up.  If you have come across this page and want to discuss further fill in the form below and Marc or Dee Dee will get in touch.

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Once the order and payment is received you will receive multiple emails with links and information.

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