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Charity & Church and Platform/Gallery Work

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Scottish Church Work

Before COVID, I was working on average on two and a half church services a month. During COVID, I kept myself extremely busy doing my own Facebook live services and then when Churches began to do Zoom services did many of these as well.

Now that normality has returned, I am open to being contacted to do services but I am not actively looking to get back to the number of services I was doing previously. If given a choice I prefer to do Zoom service work. But I'm happy to work.

Marc Stuart Medium at Hydesville New York State
Marc Stuart Medium and Medium

English Church Work

I am happy to travel for Platform work. However I do need to have my full expenses covered. I'm also extremely happy to do private readings if this is required to cover the costs.

USA Church Gallery and Service Work

I have worked in a few New York based churches. I have plans to come over about three times in 2023 and will be looking to possibly expand the areas I work in. I may contact your church when I have plans arranged.

If you do Zoom services please feel free to contact me.

Charity Events

I do a semi monthly charity event n Penicuik to raise money for Ukraine refugees. Tickets are bought on Eventbrite when I have confirmed dates.

Visiting Mediums

I often have international and UK students coming to visit me in Scotland. When they do, I try to arrange platform experience in Scotland for them. They always go direct as they have been trained by me in Scottish Style circles.

Platform & Gateway Style

I practice a style of stage and platform working which I brand as Pattern Working and I teach this. It is very much the reverse of the way most mediums work.  In two features. 


First I only go direct. I have zero tolerance in general calling out, both for myself and students. At best, calling out is lazy, at worst it is fraudulent. 

Second, I give as many readings in a service as possible. I try to give approximately 20-25 readings in a 45 minute session. A platform is not the location for a  private reading and I feel it is important that anyone new to Spiritualism get a reading at a service.

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