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Church Platform & Gallery Work

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Scottish Church Work

Before COVID, Marc was working on average on two and a half church services a month. During COVID, he kept himself extremely busy by conducting his own Facebook live services, and as churches started transitioning to Zoom services, he participated in many of them as well.

Now that normality has returned, Marc is open to being contacted for services, but he is not actively seeking to return to the same number of services as before. If given a choice, he prefers to continue doing Zoom service work. However, he is also happy to work in person.


English Church Work

Marc is happy to travel for platform work; however, he does require his full expenses to be covered. Additionally, he is more than willing to offer private readings if necessary to help cover the costs associated with travel expenses.

USA Church Gallery and Service Work

Marc has previously worked in several churches based in New York. In 2023, he has plans to visit the area approximately three times and he is considering expanding the locations where he offers his services. When his plans are finalized, he may reach out to your church to discuss the possibility of collaborating.

Zoom Services

If you offer Zoom services, please feel free to contact Marc.

Charity Events

I am always wiling to work at a Charity event.

Platform & Gateway Style

Marc practices a style of stage and platform work that he brands as Pattern Working, and he also teaches this approach. It differs significantly from the way most mediums work, and it has two key features.

Firstly, Marc has a strict policy of only providing direct readings. He maintains zero tolerance for general calling out, both for himself and his students. He believes that calling out is, at best, a lazy approach, and at worst, it can be fraudulent.

Secondly, Marc aims to provide as many readings as possible during a service. In a 45-minute session, he strives to give approximately 20-25 readings. He believes that a platform is not the appropriate setting for a private reading, and he considers it important for anyone new to Spiritualism to receive a reading at a service.

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