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Why Does a The Scottish Medium put a Red Telephone Box as the Background to his Web Site?

Well yet another webpage redesign. In all honesty have been working on this for some time so it has evolved. The final look and feel however went live today. I am still altering it, so it may change yet again.

And as the title points out I have chosen a photo (taken by myself) in Xi'an China on my trip a week ago of a UK Red Telephone Box. Why I hear you ask? Well the photo reflects my sense of humor.  It is a British (aka inc. Scottish) Telephone Box and I am often on Platform or to clients describe a Spiritual Medium, me, as a Spiritual Phone. In this case it was outside a Spirits Bar and of course another form of Spirit that Scotland is famous for is Scotch Whisky.

Not going any further into the Spiritual Phone concept except to qualify it and say it is probably more like being a smart phone than the old fashioned style phone that the photo represents. So yes you heard it here Marc Stuart Medium - is a Spiritual Medium who describes himself as a smart phone! Or "The Scottish Medium" is a phone.

Red Telephone Box - The Medium Phone of Marc Stuart Medium - Xian China.
Red Telephone Box - The Medium Phone of Marc Stuart Medium - Xian China.

With the redesign I'm trying to achieve a balance of three things. First to generate work for myself as a Medium. People in Churches sometimes object to me being so promotional, but I think it is allowed for a Medium to earn a living. Do you have any objections to the local church priest or Minister getting paid a salary? To counter the - he is charging line, I work on average twice a week on Church Platforms (or Gallery in the USA - oh you know the old pants or trousers issues) where I do not get paid, and have been known when I think it is appropriate not to charge for the odd reading here and there.

Second to educate. I have very strong opinions about the way a medium should behave and work. And I am not afraid to express them. It was what I encountered in the USA and alo recently in China to form Traditional Scottish Spiritual Training. That has its own web site but was originally part of this one.

Third to increase my web site listing, which feeds into the first item. This is mostly behind the scenes work.

I've spoken to a lot of web designers and marketing and in the end decided to do it myself. One company which I shall not name was a nightmare. Sales promotion, and web design. The design was a template I could have done better with myself. So I did. New Website design New Website design

The Kelpie photos are still around along with my mug shots. I am awaiting a Chinese Artist to produce a painting of the photo's I have been using - also taken by yours truly. It depends on the quality of the painting and whether I like it or not, but this will probably become the new logo for the Mediumship business for myself.

The structure of the site has also altered a little. Trying to make it simpler and easier to move around. The blog is back this has been missing for about a year. As you can see I am writing posts again.

Home page or Introduction, Booking menu, Next engagements in terms of venues, links to my Facebook page and Business and training web sites. Everything else under Information.

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