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Become a Medium
in Six Months

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Get a reading from Marc on
Psychic Mondays

  • Are you aware of how to use Mediumship in a Casino and increase your chances of winning?

  • This is a methodology not a system. Marc Stuart Medium is also a professional gambler and uses both Psychic and Statistical methods.

  • He teaches this as part of his Mediumship Training for those that wish to learn and use this.

  • Our offer, a free one to one meeting with Marc to discuss if you are someone he is willing to teach these methods to.

  • Time period that this covers:  April 2024

  • Winnings to date £744 ($923)

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Psychic in the Casino

  • This is where Marc reads the croupier to anticipate what is going to happen.

  • Clearly this only works with live games.

  • Marc teaches Psychic abilities as part of his Mediumship Circles.

Statistics and Probability

  • Marc plays roulette and teaches probability and statistics for this game.

  • Every wheel turn is completely random and can not be predicted.

  • But a coin can be heads or tails when spun and if tossed 100 times variably ends up 50 times tales and 50 times heads.

  • And Chaos theory says that structured patterns will emerge out of randomness.  Marc uses this when playing.

Emotional Control

  • You must learn self control.

  • Recognise the way the Casino will push and pull you.

  • Learn to master yourself and not be trapped.



  • Only take part in this if you can afford to loose what you play with.

  • Learn how to increase your income over time without betting the house.

  • Learn how to minimise the risk of loosing.


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