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If you are already a practicing Medium are you making enough money,  could you be selling more readings?  And if you are considering coming to Marc Stuart Medium for training what makes us different?  Simple you get our Business Training and Support Services included.

Market Research

In the USA it is $12.8 Billion a year and world wide it is $23.4 Billion.​

A simple question, how much of this market do you have, second question why so little, third point - you definitely need to speak to us.​

As a sample of our expertise in this marketplace download the report detailing the total numbers in this market.​

Now make sure you know your local market or that we do for you!

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Marc worked in Market Research for Ipsos for approx. 12 years.

Do you have a web Site?

You must have one to take online bookings to get found and take bookings from.

If you have one  does it set the world on fire?

How is it performing for you?  Let us have a look for you and report back!

We hold agency status with Wix one of the world leaders in hosting.

In terms of SEO we have one long term client who we were able to get an average of 41 listings in a google search in the first 45 listings.

Marc Stuart Medium Psychic Marketing Web Site

Did you know there are in excess of 35 Million people on Facebook with an interest in a reading?

The days of an engaging social post reaching more than a few people are long gone. Facebook is one of the world's most sophisticated adverting platform. Make sure you don't waste your money hire a marksman for the hunting expedition.

​Advertising on Facebook is easy - to mess up.

​You need to structure the adds to achieve your objective.

It's is all about Audience design.  Specifying a few interests and locations is the worst type of Audience.  We specialize in the art of reading audience creation.​

Marc Stuart Medium Psychic Marketing Facebook Advertising

What are your Unique Selling Points (USPs)?

It's a huge but competitive market. Why should people come to you for a reading is the basic question?

Book a time for a discussion to work out why.

Look at yourself in a Mirror and see what you think.  Or let us speak to you and ask the correct questions and work out whether what you think ios unique is the real USP. There are certain USP's that work in this market - do you have them?


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