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Scottish Mediums have the reputation of being incredibly good. Why? Because they concentrate on the proof of life after death. Marc Stuart is a trained and highly successful International Medium who works in both Scotland and the USA. For example, in a recent stage performance of half an hour he gave fifteen messages and was described by the organizers as incredible.

Proof of life will be personal to you. The Medium (Marc) will bring forward a spirit a loved one who has passed and give evidence of that Spirit that only you can recognize as being proof of the identity of the Spirit. 


Then the message from the Spirit should be given. In most cases this will also be evidential.


This is basically over three hours of videos explaining the basics of the Scottish methods towards Spiritualism.    There is also a video showing Marc working on a stage in a Spiritual Center showing the style and methods used by Marc. Access to this is part of the weekend.


It is a combination of  history, the way the movement is set up in Scotland, and the actual training itself. 


The Scottish "Spiritual Industry" is huge and is Church/Spiritual Center based. Training is done through circles and give almost immediate hands on experiences for people. This is a short ten minute introduction.

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