Marc Stuart Medium and Colin Fry

Please Do Your Research Before Booking a Reading


Before you get a reading from any medium who is going to

charge you for the service you should do your research. 

What reviews does this person get, can you see them

working online?

Well please do your research now about Marc.

Reviews     Streamed Spiritual Readings

Now if you are ready for a reading from Marc this is

what you get in a Private Reading:

  • Readings last for one hour.

  • They are carried out on Zoom.

  • A Video recording is provided of the reading

         unless you wish not to have this.

  • Marc provides support for your use of the Zoom if

         you have never used it before.

  • The cost of a Zoom reading with Marc is £35 or $50

         payable in advance.

  • You can either use the Buy Now Button or the contact email if you have any questions.

  • Readings are carried out under UK Law and MUST be regarded as a form of entertainment. 

  • The Reading takes two parts,  private and personal evidence of the Spirit(s) and then the message or reason the Spirit has come forward for.

To book a reading pay by Paypal or if you have questions contact Marc by email.

You should be contacted within 48 hours of making the payment to book a time,  and then you will receive an invoice/receipt for your payment with terms and conditions and Zoom links.  If you do not hear in this time period please send an email to check up etc.

Please use this button to pay in USD

Please use this button to pay in Pounds Sterling.