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Marc Stuart Medium and Colin Fry

Do Your Research Before Booking a Reading


Before you get a reading from any medium who is going to 

charge you for the service, you should do your research. 

What reviews does this person get, can you see them 

working online?

Well please do your research now about Marc.

Reviews     Videos of Marc Working

This is what you get in a Private Reading:

  • Readings last for forty minutes to one hour.

  • They are carried out on Zoomin person at his retail premises in Penicuik, or at your home if within a hour of his home in Bo'ness, or when he is traveling further by arrangement.

  • The Reading takes two parts,  private and personal evidence of the Spirit(s) and then the message or reason the Spirit has come forward for.

Now Booking a Reading with Marc Stuart Medium.

To book please select from calendars what type of reading you are looking for in terms of Zoom or a physical location. Choose using the black boxes at the top of this page and book on the schedule on the selected page. All readings are priced in £ for the UK and $ for international. 

Readings are carried out under UK law and must be regarded as entertainment. No reliance may be put on anything that is said  during the reading,