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Marc Stuart is a Scottish Medium, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur.  He serves as one of the resident Mediums at the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church in Scotland and was a guest speaker and medium at the Lily Dale Spiritualist community located in New York in 2019.  He conducts training programs and workshops in Scottish Spiritualism and Mediumship, offers private readings, and guest speaking engagements at spiritual events and church communities at home in Scotland and abroad.

Marc is also an International  Medium who before the current crisis traveled to the USA several times a year.  Last year he also worked in China in January.   


Marc also holds a degree in Business Organisation and has previously been a member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland and the Scottish Institute of bankers and has an extensive business background.

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Online Zoom Reading

Before you get a reading from any medium who is going to

charge you for the service you should do your research. 

What reviews does this person get, can you see him

working online?

Well please do your research now about Marc.

Reviews     Streamed Spiritual Readings

And one more question before you book Marc. 

Do you have any interest in Spiritual Development

in learning yourself as in doing readings?

If yes please look here - a special offer that includes the full reading with Marc as well. It is much more cost effective, reading gets you one hour of time with Marc, this offer includes the same reading but gives you up to ten hours of time to work with , get readings from and learn from Marc.

Now if you are ready for a reading from Marc this is what you get in a Private Reading:

  • Readings last for one hour.

  • They are carried out on Zoom.

  • A Video recording is provided of the reading

         unless you wish not to have this.

  • Marc provides support for your use of the Zoom if

         you have never used it before.

  • The cost of a reading with Marc is £35 or $50

         payable in advance.

  • You can either use the Buy Now Button or the contact form if you have any questions.

  • Readings are carried out under UK Law and MUST be regarded as a form of entertainment. 

  • The Reading takes two parts,  private and personal evidence of the Spirit(s) and then the message or reason the Spirit has come forward for.

But remember you get so much more in Marc's introductory offer to Traditional Scottish Spiritualism in the special offer.


Click here to order and pay for a reading $50.

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Twice Weekly Streamed Facebook & YouTube


Marc has been two weekly broadcasts short spiritual messages. 

This is streamed over Facebook and YouTube, Twitter and other sites

in both his timeline and page.


It is not a church service but he tries to follow church rules and methods

as closely as possible. There are prayers and a spiritual address

before messages.

The messages are kept as short as possible to give as many as possible. 

They are evidential and to give proof of life after death.  These are

not in any way private or even mini readings so no questions, 

it is literally who and what comes forward etc. as they come forward

and it is kept very limited by Marc to give as many people messages as possible.

And to avoid all confusion it is done for free. But you will at most only get a few minutes of Marc's time during the events.  

Please look at this recording of a recent event and also you can see all of the previous broadcasts on the home page of this site if viewing on a computer or on Facebook and YouTube.


This is Marc doing a broadcast in December 2019 with one of his Students

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Introductory Program

This is a two week program which gives you all of the following: (Each of the links will take you to a more full explanation away from this page).


All together in an introductory package to show how Marc trains and works with people to teach Mediumship.  This will not turn you into a working Medium it is simply an introduction but hands on all the way and clearly shows what you are working towards and how you will get there.

For the introductory price of $135.  A reading with Marc by itself is almost half this price.

Click here to order and pay for program  $135.