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We are Looking to Recruit Several Mediums

During Late 2024 to early 2025.

We are actively seeking Mediums to serve as trainers in our six-month Mediumship Training Program. If you meet either of the following criteria, we would love to hear from you:

  • You have been trained by Marc Stuart Medium, or by someone he has trained.


  • You are a UK-based Medium with extensive experience in either Church Platform or Stage events.

  • You employ a direct approach in your mediumship, without the need to call out.

  • You identify as a Spiritual Medium and understand the distinctions between this and Psychic Mediumship, even if you refer to yourself as a Psychic Medium.


A Little about the role

We are seeking Mediums to facilitate training sessions from home, managing two groups of approximately 9-12 individuals each day.


Work Schedule:

  • Minimum of two days per week, up to a maximum of five days.

  • As we operate on the USA time zone, UK-based individuals will primarily work night shifts

Grading Structure:

  • Grade One: Facilitate practice circles and assist a higher-grade Medium.

  • Grade Two: Independently run a full circle and provide training to participants.

  • Grade Three: Evaluate prospective candidates by demonstrating our methodologies.

  • Grade Four: Conduct stage presentations at recruitment events in the USA, delivering 15-25 readings per hour over sessions lasting at least 1.5 hours. Travel to the USA is required at least four times a year.


  • Salaries range from £20,000-£25,000 for Grade One, rising to £40,000-£45,000 for Grade Four.


  • Suitable home environment for a setup including a desktop PC, large desk, green screen, and various camera and lighting equipment.

  • Adherence to our methodology is required, although personal beliefs need not be compromised. For example, our teachings consider Chakras symbolic rather than literal manifestations.

Application Process:

  • To apply, click the red button to email us with an introduction. Attach a resume detailing your full career in Mediumship.

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