Buisiness Circle Program

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Opportunity Details

You will be provided with a page on the online reading platform OnlineMediumReadings.com.

This is a fully working site where people book you in a scheduling system, pay in advance and get a Zoom link provided for the reading. After the reading you get paid and the client gets a video of the reading.

The site has it's own advertising budget, but you also get full support for self marketing and promotion.

Only people trained by Marc are permitted on this site. As a general guide, this means completing the Circle Course Program or being in the Circle Membership Circles for two years or more.

As well as the page domain, you get a onlinemedium.com email address.

Other income earning opportunities are available. First, you get introductory fees for anyone you introduce to the training programs.  Further, Marc often employs his trained mediums to provide training in Circles.

Training continues and you get full unlimited access to all circles and training materials in the programs.

There is a monthly fee for this membership which depends on when you join:


January to April $125 per month

May to July  $150 per month

August to October $175 per month

November to January 24 $200 per month


February onwards $250 per month