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StreamYard Guest Support


This is to help you if wish to appear as a guest on a streamed broadcast either for a reading or in any other way.  This page is written on the assumption that you are watching on Facebook but as Marc streams to multiple locations on every broadcast these instructions will apply for any other venue as well.

You will have two different URL's or web addresses.  Not these which are for illustrative purposes only and will not work for an event.

The first link is for the streamed event itself and is to watch on Facebook or some other platform:

The second link is for the invitation for the reading or to take part.

You must have either a computer with microphone and camera,  tablet or smart phone.  It is by far better on a Computer but other devices should work. Marc must be able to see or hear you during the reading. Also use only Chrome or Firefox - no other browsers will work.

So this is how to use the link for the reading in Chrome,  it will also work in Firefox.  Use the link from 8.20 PM UK time onwards.  You will be able to comunicate with Marc and the chair usually Ying using the Private Chat option to find out when you will get the reading.  There can be a que so you have to wait till Marc brings you on.

If you need more technical support you may find the StreamYard support page enough:

Stream Yard technical support. 

This is what the video re a reading will look like.