Get reading(s) at a training event from the Students
of Marc Stuart

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Marc runs five training events a week.  Many of his students are extremely advanced and give wonderful readings.  Two of these training events are now opening for people that wish to come to get reading(s). You are guaranteed at least one reading possibly more.  The style of the reading will depend on the training taking place that night.  And please be clear you will not get any training you will only get a reading(s).

The number of people is limited to four.  We once ran an event at the start of the year where 19 people turned up and so have stated to limit the number to four and are using a ticketing system to make this happen.



UK   11 pm

USA Eastern   6 pm

USA Central   5 pm

USA Mountain  4 pm

Pacific  3 pm

Tickets from this Link:


UK    9 pm

USA Eastern   4 pm

USA Central   3 pm

USA Mountain  2 pm

Pacific  1 pm

Tickets from this Link:

Come to a Training event being run by Marc for a Reading

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