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Introduction to Spiritualism and Mediumship Via Synchronicity

There are several types of Spiritual power or demonstrations of life after death. The most famous being Mediumship,  the second most relevant that people feel in their lives is what we call Synchronicity.  

This is actually often very closely linked to Mediumship itself and it is when events happen that just seem to good to be true.  You were in the correct place at the correct time to meet the correct person that lead to an opportunity that changed your life.

The basic concept was named by by the Psychoanalyst Carl Jung.  This is a course to introduce you first to Synchronicity and then to explore basic Mediumship through some real practical training.

This course comprises of four-elements:

First a Video lecture on the subject of

Synchronicity and how this overlaps

completely with Spiritual Mediumship.

A spiritual Mediumship reading from Marc.

Two three hour training sessions in a circle; learning the basics of Mediumship, opening, closing, guided meditations, and how to receive and give messages.  You will not be a Medium but you will have an understanding of how this works.

A one to one training session with Marc to finish off.

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