Dee Dee Miller

Business Development

Dee Dee Miller

DeeDee has teamed up with Marc to help him develop and launch a full-scale mediumship training program for the U.S. market. By joining forces with other professional mediums around the globe, this program will set the gold standard for all comprehensive professional mediumship training programs, and it's the only program of its kind designed to help give you the necessary infrastructure to start working and earning money right away once you complete your training.

DeeDee’s educational background is in Forensic Anthropology & Archaeology. She also has a Master’s degree in Law, Criminal Justice & Homeland Security. She has been a business professional for over 25 years, and currently has her own production company and does Social Media Marketing for a non-profit organization.

DeeDee has always had a connection to Spirit. She comes from a long line of Mediums and was privately taught to work with Spirit by her grandmother as a child. It’s not surprising that the family history reaches all the way back to Scotland. There is a familiarity with the way she was taught to work with Spirit and Marc’s method of working. His techniques are closer to the childhood lessons she learned than anything else she has stumbled across in her research on religion and religious practices. She is eager to share these simple and effective methods of connection with anyone willing to put in the effort to learn it.

Spirit brought DeeDee and Marc together so she could learn a solid structure and method to teach others how to connect to their loved ones on the other side of the veil. He needed a business partner to help take his business to the next level. They found each other when both of them were ready and in need. This is just one example of Synchronicity at work. Join us in circle to learn more!