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Steve Williams

Training Adviser

Steve Williams

Steve Williams is the Circle Training Adviser. He meets with people who wish to join the circle training program and finds out if they are motivated enough and willing to commit to the time required. Then advises on the correct training approach to take with Marc.

Steve was a qualified psychoanalyst in private practice in Manchester, England, for over 6 years, and you can talk openly with him about your motivations and worries.  He has the skills to help you decide if this seems like it could be the right path for you.

A family man, married with one tween daughter who he devotes his life to as any father would.

Steve himself sits in circle with Marc and the other trainers. He had an extremely powerful spiritual encounter many years ago, which had such an impact on him at the time that he gave up his psychoanalyst business.  Now many years later having met with Marc and his team he realises that this is not unique just to him and works with Marc to both understand what happened and to help others to learn fully about the spiritual world with Marc Stuart Medium.

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