The American and Scottish Spiritual Weekends to Prove Life After Death

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Scottish Mediums have the reputation of being incredibly good.  Why?  Because they concentrate of the proof of life after death.  Marc Stuart is a trained and highly successful International Medium who works in both Scotland and the USA.  Now over a weekend he demonstrates to Americans how he was trained and how he uses these techniques. For example in a recent stage performance of half an hour he gave fifteen messages and was described by the or=ganisers as incredible.

This is a weekend long internet based conference style event that we are inviting you to.  Using the methods that Mediums are trained in Scotland with, and giving you an opportunity to crash out on this over an entire weekend.  We run multiple events but only have five tickets available for each event.

This is what you get over the weekend:


  • Video Workshop filmed live March 2020 just outside of Lily Dale USA

  • Attendance at Six events over the weekend starting on FRiday Evening and finished on Sunday evening

But it does not stop with Scottish Training. Marc works with a number of USA professional Mediums in the USA and he and one of them will have a one to one chat with you on Zoom to give advise on what you should do next and what personal opportunities are available in the USA market for you.

Three Hour Video Workshop Filmed live   just outside Lily Dale - March 2020.

This is basically over three hours of video's explaining the basics of the Scottish methods towards Spiritualism.    There is also a video showing Marc working on a stage in a Spiritual Center showing the styleand methods used by Marc. Access to this is part of the weekend.


It is a combination of  history, the way the movement is set up in Scotland and the actual training itself. 


The Scottish "Spiritual Industry" is huge and is Church/Spiritual Center based.  Training is done through circles and give almost immediate hands on experiences for people. This is a short ten minute introduction.

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Attend three Spiritual Development Circles

Marc Stuart Medium telephone box in China

Development Circles are designed to “develop” a student's mediumship

talents in a safe group environment. Marc uses the Scottish methods known

for centuries to build a student's solid foundation for spiritual connection. 


Through his teachings each week Marc trains participants in the proper

basics of opening and closing by using guided meditations that the student

can easily use for daily practice along with other lessons that are vital to a

Medium’s toolbox. First circle will have you opening and closing. Marc

holds your hand as much as required over the three circles and by the end

of the weekend you will have no doubts that you can give messages from

the other side.


Students from all over the world participate in each circle, giving and

receiving readings through Marc’s guidance. As part of this offer you get to

attend two each lasting for an hour and a half.

Imagine being able to do this after one weekend?  If you are more experienced you will see the techniques we use in Scotland and most American Mediums when applying these find their income increases substantially.

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The Saturday Afternoon Lecture

This is a talk about Scotland from Marc Stuart.

It is not specifically about working as a Medium,  but an attempt to try to show some of the reasons why Scotland is so strong with Mediumship.

Marc says there are many reasons and he will try to cover at least one in this lecture.

  • To order and take advantage of this introductory offer click the Book a Weekend button.  That will take you to the our Eventbright page where you will see the places availiblke on different weekends.  We limit the places on each weekend event to five,  so if you want more than five places please contact us directly.

  • Once payment is processed you should receive an email containing the links needed for the training videos and the events.

  • The total cost of all elements in this program is only $150.