I have had both vaccination jabs about a year ago I took and passed an awareness course in Covid-19.

During the last year as has everyone I have changed the way I work and use Zoom for private readings and work with Churches for online services and do my own streamed Sunday broadcasts.

I am starting to do in person readings again.  However due to the ongoing health risks and because I have found that I prefer to work with Zoom,  I am able for example to provide a full recording of the readings,  I am changing my charges for in person work.  I am now charging £50 or $75 for an in person reading.  I only charge £35 or $50 for a Zoom reading.

Please use this button to book and pay for a reading in person in Scotland.  I will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time.  If  you do not hear by then email me.

In Person Readings

Marc Stuart Medium has completed a Covid Awareness Course.