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Get a online Zoom Reading
on Psychic Mondays
Video Recording Provided

Marc Stuart Medium

Marc works both from home and from his home office to give Zoom readings.

"I actually think I can give more accurate readings on Zoom as I am more relaxed" says Marc.

Marc Stuart Medium Zoom Link.jpg

Most of his Mediumship working time is dedicated to training and supporting other Mediums and as such he manages his time by only doing readings on Mondays.

He has a business level of Zoom account and as such is able to offer an incredible 1 TB download speed for his internet connection, even a leased line from his office.  He is not some armature offering a dodgy phone connection during the reading.

Use the calendar below to access exactly when Marc is available. Pricing is available for USA Dollars and UK Stirling. Marc always asks for payment in advance, he is highly skilled and experienced and charges accordingly.  "To often in the past I have been booked and the sitter goes and finds a Facebook learner or armature and does not cancel."

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