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The Journey East

I arrived late last night China time in Xi'an China. This is my journey East which is a play on words for what the Chinese call the Journey West. This is a very historical reference to one of histories most spiritual men, this is a test see if you can work out who this was, from Xi'an dating back multiple centuries. And I do not place myself anywhere near this man in spirituality!

The trip had a number of spiritual signs, which prompted this blog.

The day before leaving whilst packing, I left my favoutie mobile keyboard for my phone and laptop in front of the air heater prompted up against my desk. We’ll it er melted and folded.

In the restaurant we were having some food and got the new Surface Laptop out. And guess what, three keys n the keyboard were working if you kinda pressed them for about ten to fifteen seconds, and as I consider myself a speed typer that is enough time for me to write three pint seven five sentance assuming an average word count per sentance!

So before leaving on the first flight to Hamburg, bought a new Bluetooth keyboard. And guess what it did not work. Tried multiple times, ended up taking it back. They tried in the shop and got a second keyboard sae issue, so running short of time I got a refund and jumped onto the flight with my wife Ying.

Arriving in Frankfurt found the local travel hardware shop and bought another, this time higher priced model. And worked perfectly. So here I am in Xi’am typing away.

Throughout the flight I kept seeing a certain number, 113. I see this number whenever good luck is coming my way. Friday the thirteenth is always a day I try t do business on. No this is not me just seeing something and looking for it. Every place we encountered the number.

Picked up by a taxi who had the this in his registration number, yes okay why am I looking at the poor chaps registration number? Let’s just put that aside for the moment.

Every time I looked at the time randomly it was a number like 11:13, or 13:31. Do I have a subconscious time monitor in my head telling me when to look at the time to see my favorite number? Who knows!

So what am I doing spiritually in Xi’am?

Multiple Buddhist temples to be visited. See the question above by the way, extremely heavy hint. There will also be a private event for readings. In the extremely unlikely event that you are in Xi’an for the next two weeks and would like to attend send my a DM.


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