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Devi Wolf

Administrative CEO

Devi Wolf

Devi Wolf Administrative Chief Executive Officer Devi has responsibility for the day to day running of the combined Marc Stuart Medium training operations and the businesses that Marc runs. She is a dedicated, detail-oriented professional with a strong administrative and managerial background and diverse office experience. She has superior skills in customer service, organization, employee management, project management and computers, bringing a lifetime of experience to all of the relevant software tools that any business needs to operate with. She also has accounting experience and plenty of hard skills in Microsoft Office.

Since 2016, Devi has run her own business providing an online Virtual Assistant service called Wolf Freelance where she spends time doing sales proposals and numerous, varied freelance roles. She also specializes in Mystery Shopping, some of which require surreptitious recording and photographic work. Other work includes social media evaluation, app and website evaluation, review and suggestions, database creation, and writing reviews of many different types of products and services.

Between 2004 and 2016, Devi worked for the Nashville Integrated Medicine in Nashville, TN. As the Practice Manager, she set up and implemented all aspects of starting a new medical practice - from interior design to website design. She cooperated with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance providers to resolve billing issues. She also designed promotional materials, wrote and edited marketing and newsletter copy, developed front and back office procedures, and interviewed, hired and trained office employees. Devi also setup and maintained all bookkeeping for the business, including filing insurance claims, billing, collections, A/P, A /R and reconciliations. She oversaw all tech support, resolved issues when possible or outsourced. She managed all aspects of business, including front desk, medical transcription, medical billing, customer service and tenant management. She analyzed program data to assist in strategic decision-making and was instrumental in creating a business and marketing plan that grew the practice 1600% over 9 years. Finally, she made the move to working for the practice in the role of Virtual Assistant which led directly into the launch of her own business offering services to other clients.

This experience is one of the reasons for her appointment. As many people in Scotland may be aware, Marc Stuart is the practice manager of the Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic which has no connection, of course, but the office location for Marc Stuart Medium and Online are at the same address. This location is also the base for the new Penicuik and Borders Spiritualist Church.

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