Marc Stuart is a Scottish Medium, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur.  He serves as one of the resident Mediums at the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church in Scotland and was a guest speaker and medium at the Lily Dale Spiritualist community located in New York last year.  He conducts training programs and workshops in Scottish Spiritualism and Mediumship, offers private readings, and guest speaking engagements at spiritual events and church communities at home in Scotland and abroad.

Marc is also an International Spiritual Church Trained Medium who before the current crisis traveled to the USA several times a year.  This year he also worked in China in January.   


Marc also holds a degree in Business Organisation and has previously been a member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland and the Scottish Institute of bankers and has an extensive business background.


I would just like to take a moment to thank you for coming to my web site.  Just taking this short space to welcome and thank you for tour time.

​I work with what I call Traditional Scottish Spiritualism.  Taught through Scottish Spiritualist Churches and Centers dating back over a century like the one I am one of the Mediums for The Dunfermline Spiritualist Church.  

I do not work full time as a Medium I also work in various Business activities. I have a business background, and this helps me in my Spiritual work.

In the current world I am doing virtually everything online.

I run many training options and I see the spreading of Scottish Spiritualist methods outside of Scotland as my major task in life.  This site is organised under several headings which I hope you will find easy to navigate.

So far this year I have worked both in China and the USA before the lock down came into effect in March.



The Circle Program

All of Marc's training is based on Spiritual Development Circles.  He runs a number of different circles and it is possible to join one circle and go to that.  However for willing to make a serious commitment to Spiritual Development Marc runs what he calls the Circle Program.

This gives access to up to three circles a week.

Membership of a Spiritual Development Circle Group

run by Marc on Facebook.  It is a private group only

open to circle members.

Access to Platform Work when Marc thinks you are ready.

This is essentially the ultimate for people who wish to seriously

move ahead with spiritual development.  This is a "pass"

to all the circles run my Marc.

So currently you would get access to all the Private circles,  the open Circle,  and Priority access Sunday Broadcast experience  to give messages to the audiences that tune in on both Facebook and YouTube to see Marc work and give messages every week.

All more advanced training from Marc assumes that you are sitting in a circle.  Circles are where you flex your spiritual muscles and it is learn by doing.

The cost for this is $60 per month. It is also possible to sign up for one open circle a week   for $40.

The next level up gives access to numerous Video workshops and one to one training from Marc usually on Saturdays.

Access to two circles a week:

Access to one circle a week:


Development Circle on Saturdays

This circle is run on Saturday evenings in the UK and afternoons in the US

There are currently people attending from Scotland, Australia and the USA.

It takes place at 08:30 PM UK times,  see time chart below to help you work out the equivalent time.

    ETZ   3.30 pm    CTZ  2.30 pm     MTZ   01:30 pm   PTZ   12:30 pm

It costs $40 to do one circle a week,  $60 to do two.

One Circle                                                               Two Circles


Development Circle on Wednesdays.

This is a circle run midway through the week.  

There are currently people attending from Scotland, Australia and the USA.

It takes place at 10:30 pm UK times,  see time table below to help you work out the equivalent time.

    ETZ   5.30 pm    CTZ  4.30 pm     MTZ   03:30 pm   PTZ   02:30 pm

It is possible to arrange to join this circle by itself for the cost of $35.  Click the PayPal button to join this circle.

One Circle                                                               Two Circles


Facebook Spiritual Development Groups

Marc runs a Group on Facebook where membership is only for people participating in any of the circles.

It is a way for people in groups to give feedback and communicate together.  Marc also gives news updates re the groups.

There is a video recording made of each group,  subject to the agreement of each person in each group,  and the videos are posted here so that people can go back and review the meetings.


Sunday Platform / Gateway Style

Service Broadcasts


Marc broadcasts on Facebook Live and Youtube every Sunday a service style broadcast of short messages.  These are very popular and get an average of at least thirty people looking for messages every week.  Marc gives opportunities for people in the circles to come live with him to get experience of giving messages.

This is done using a package called Steamyard which enables multiple people to be involved in such broadcasts.

Members of the circle program when ready get to practice working here giving messages.

This is a broadcast where on of the members of Marc's circles doing her first online platform broadcast.


Circle Program Registration

114 North Street, Bo'ness, EH51 9NF

To order and join this program use the PayPal button below and you will be charged for your first months subscription.  You will receive a PDF giving links and instructions for the circles and will receive a monthly invoice from PayPal moving forward.

If you have any questions please use the email button.

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