What is a Circle?


It is where you learn Mediumship. 

Books and courses help,  but the only real way to develop is sitting in a circle long term.


It is a  group of people sitting together (circle) learning from a working medium or circle leader.  You learn the skills from opening and closing,  receiving and interpretation.  How to meditate and the other required knowledge.  It is a case of regular commitment and repetition and practice as you develop in a safe environment.

Traditionally people met,  but over the Covid period Marc started to run and develop circles using Zoom and they work just as well as in real life meetings.

Marc Stuart Medium's Circles

Marc Runs structured Circle program with two objectives. 

  • To teach Spiritual and Psychic Mediumship to a level that yu are able to give clients readings with strong evidence and messages.  Marc uses the methods he learnt in Scotland which are radically different from what you will encounter in for example the USA.

  • To use those skills onc developed to help you start to earn a living as a Medium. This is done whilst you are still sitting in circle and through a linked site to get you reading bookings.

All the circles are run online using Zoom. There  circles every week on Wednesday,  Saturday and Sunday.

The Saturday Development Open Circles

The Saturday Circles is for beginners with an emphasis on the basics.

Please note that this approach is not set in stone,  for example if no beginners are there on Saturday we will cover more advanced work as required,  but if someone is there for the first time the Saturday circle is the one to attend etc.

They are open by invitation or registration.  One in the UK evening and the UK afternoon.  This would be late morning Eastern USA or early evening Eastern USA times.

People are allowed to come to one circle free of charge to see whether they fit with the circle membership and training style.

The Zoom details are:

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Meeting ID: 823 9118 4671

The Sunday Closed Circle

The Sunday Circle is a similar level to the Saturday circles and is in the evening UK time and late afternoon USA Eastern time.  It is a closed circle so only open to Circle members.

The difference between the two is that you might meet new people on the Saturday and only people you know and have worked with before on the Sunday.

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Circle Membership

There are four levels of Circle Membership.  Levels one to three reflect the speed at which you are looking to develop.  The higher the level the more time commitment you need and the faster you will progress.

Level four is for when you are ready to actually work professionally and gain access to a number of income generating opportunities as a Medium.

Level One – Introductory Level

  • You can attend one circle per week.

  • Membership of the Facebook Private Group

  • Access to videos of all circles that have been held

Level Two – The Fast Level

  • You can attend two circles per week.

  • Membership of the Facebook Private Group

  • Access to videos of all circles that have been held

Level Three – Advanced Level

  • You can attend three circles per week.

  • Membership of the Facebook Private Group

  • Access to videos of all circles that have been held.

  • Monthly Zoom workshop and lectures

  • Access to library of videos and all previous Zoom workshops.

Level Four – Business Circle Level

  • Everything on the Advanced Level , but this is for people looking to start to earn money now. Two more circles are planned and at this level you will get unlimited access to all circles.

  • A page on www.mediumreadingsonline.com the site restricted for people trained and approved by Marc Stuart for readings.  There will also be an APP provided for people using the site and you get onto this as well for bookings.

  • Fully integrated with Zoom and an online booking system.

  • Full marketing for the site.

  • Opportunities to work with Marc in providing Circle Training in Marc's groups and being paid for it.

The Wednesday Development Circle

The Wednesday circle is for people with some experience in circles.  The teaching and exorcises are more demandiong and much more hard work.

Marc is much more demanding in style and the people in this circle generally are close to being able to give private readings without hands being held.

Beginners coming to this circle will be comparing themselves to people that Marc himself would book for a private reading if he was looking for one.

Here Marc will use exorcises like do a reading to a stop watch.  Do three readings in ten minutes.  Work together with another Medium.  By the end of a few circles you will find your ability increasing geometrically.

The Thursday Development Circle

Like the Wednesday circle this  is for people with some experience in circles.  The teaching and exorcises are more demanding and much more hard work.

This Circle will be starting in the new year but an exact date is not known yet.

The Monthly Workshops

These are in depth workshops run by Marc on specific subject.  They are recorded and members of Level Four can attend and access the recordings.


The Video Library  

This is a resource available to level three and four members of approx sixty videos covering a wide range of topics.  Even examples of Marc working on Church Platform or on Stage showing technique etc.

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Costs of Circle Membership

Level One – Introductory Level

£34.50 or USD $99

Level Two – The Fast Level

£112.50 or $149

Level Three – Advanced Level

£149.50 or $199

Level Four – Business Circle Level

£89.50 or $250

The Circle Community

Multiple Circles and Many Members

The circles are structured deliberetly so people have a number of choices as to when and they can change on a weekly basis.  This means that there is a wider of cummunity of people that you meet in the circles.  It also makes an individual circle unpredictable as in who will be there that week.


This might seem counter intuitive in some ways if you have experience of one circle.  But it means that there is a community of people working to develop and you and noever getting stuck in a rut unable to bring forward new spirits to give new evidence.


You can easily find yourself finding it difficult to give new evidence to the circle member who has been going every week with you to the same circle for a year or longer...

The Facebook Circle Group


All Circles are video recorded and then posed into a private group for circle members and people on training courses run by Marc.  Membership to this private group is only available to active circle members.

It also provides a venue for dates and information to be posted.  It is also easy to look at the circle membership list as it acts as an online telephone directory for the active circle members. 


If you leave the circles but have a clear intention of staying or working with the members in some way then please make sure to communicate this so that your circle membership continues.  Otherwise leave the circles and you leave the group.

Email Newsletter

Marc also sends out a monthly email newsletter with information to circle members.  This is usually behind posts in the group.

What to Do Next

Before Marc will allow you to join the circle program Marc asks you to take the time to try the circle first. At the moment the designated circle or open circle is Saturday UK time 9 pm.  If this does not suit you time wise and you would prefer another circle or if you have a question please use the form here.

The Zoom details are:

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Meeting ID: 823 9118 4671

Alternatively take one of the courses Marc runs.  These all involve one to one time with Marc,  two circles and a video course on different subjects.

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