What is a Circle?

Let us ask you another quesion - What are Scottish Mediums so dammed good?  What is their secret?

Answer - They all trained in Circles.

A circle is where a group of Spiritual Medium students meet and well sit in a circle. The circle leader takes them through meditations, and teaches them how to communicate with the other side.

Marc runs at the moment five of these events and all on Zoom on a weekly basis.


There are two levels of Circle Run by Marc Stuart.

1.The Training and tools to work as a Professional Medium.

We have a series of Training Circle Programs to enable you to get to the point of earning a living as a Medium, and a series of tools thereafter to help you to do so.

There are two types of Circles run by Marc.  Heavy duty weight lifting style training circles which are generally during he week. 

Costs here start at $99 a month.

2.A Circle Membership to slowly develop.

People looking for a more relaxed pace and to simply develop at their own speed without the pressure of the target of becoming a professional medium.

At this level the cost starts at  $65 a month,  but you do not get to access the higher level programs or the business tools at this level.

These lighter  Circles  are at the weekend.

Why Train With Marc Stuart Medium?

Marc is one of the Mediums for the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church which is over a century old.  He is happy to demonstrate Spirit Communicating through him on stage or in Churches anywhere and relatively any time.

International, pre Covid in January 2019 he worked in China and March 2019 in the USA.  In normal times he travels to the USA about three times a year.

He has a business background in Accounting, Banking, Marketing and Property Investment. Skills that he has used to put the Business modules of the training together.

He is one of the few Mediums in the UK to have an actual booking agent for corporate and stage events.


What to Do Next

Marc runs training weekends based on Circle Training.  You should start by attending one of these weekends first. Click on the picture below or above to go to the booking pages.

Circle Contact Form

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