What is a Circle - it is where you learn Mediumship.  A group of people sitting together (circle) learning from a working medium or circle leader.  You learn the skills from opening and closing,  receiving and interpretation.  How to meditate and the other required knowledge.  It is a case of regular commitment and repetition and practice as you develop in a safe environment.

The program gives you the following benefits:

  • There are three circles a week held using Zoom.

  • Membership of a Spiritual Development Circle Group run by Marc on Facebook.  It is a private group only open to circle members.  Here recordings of circles are posted so you can see previous circles and can use them as a learning resource.

  • Access to Platform Work when Marc thinks you are ready. This is in a streamed online service Marc runs every Sunday.

  • All more advanced training from Marc assumes that you are sitting in a circle.  Circles are where you flex your spiritual muscles and it is learn by doing.

You pay a monthly subscription, $60 for access to two circles a week and $40 for one circle a week.  There is also an advanced level which gives access to three circles a week and monthly working groups and lectures, and a library of video lectures.

However please attend the first circle attendance at no charge to see if you like the style and people.


If you would like to take part and have already come to a circle and ready to sign up please choose the correct option for yourself and click to pay the first month's subscription.  You will get two email's one as a receipt with the legal buts and one giving you the links for everything.

Circles Types.PNG

Circle Levels

Once  weekly


Twice weekly


Thrice weekly



Circle Registration

114 North Street, Bo'ness, EH51 9NF

Please send an email if you have any questions.  If you wish to join one of the circles use the zoom links listed below to come to the first meeting free of charge to experience what happens and discuss with Marc directly at the circle.