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A Tribute to a friend Murray Lomax - Medium from East Lothian who Just Passed into Spirit.

I just got some incredibly sad news this morning that a Spiritual Friend from Edinburgh Murray Lomax, a Psychic and Spiritual medium has sadly passed away.

Murray was an immensely powerful spiritual and psychic medium. He was also a very gifted spiritual artist. I know this for as fact, as my wife and I have a huge painting he did in our entrance hall of a Unicorn. You can feel the power emanating from that painting every time you look at it.

Murray was one of the very first people I met at Portobello Spiritualist Church when I first joined the Church. He was friendly, kind to a soul who at that time needed friends and support. He welcomed me with his hand out.

An ex-soldier. Murray was in the first circle I sat in. He would work on platform in Portobello Spiritualist Church. I had received a few readings from him over the years as he connected to Spirit for me.

I and my wife moved away from the Portobello area many years ago to Bo'ness where I work as a Medium myself and have not been attending Portobello Spiritualist Church for several years. I have heard from others that he was seen in the Church recently when services were still being given. We were married in Portobello Spiritualist Church and Murray was there at our wedding.

In the current situation with Coronavirus there are going to be many people who loose loved ones in the coming months. And many people who when we hear of a loss like this will be both upset and worried. I wish there were something as Mediums that we could do more to change this situation. But all we can do is give comfort to people that no matter how bad life gets, that when we pass it is only a door to the other side. I do not know if Murry will come forward with messages but hope that once he gets settled, he will be able to offer comfort to his sister and other friends that he is now in a better place than us.

His Sister is organizing everything and the I was told that Portobello Spiritualist Church is going to be filled with flowers once things return to normal, in tribute to him.

Murray we will all miss you – come forward to communicate asap please!

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