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My Journey to Discovering Spiritualism - Part One My Father’s Death

My earthly journey to discovering Spiritualism began just over two decades ago, twenty-one years in fact, when my father passed away. People that knew him have often said that the older I become the more like him I am.

I was still living with my parents into my early thirties because my father had been terminally ill with cancer for eight years. I was there for support and helping my mother to run the family business. That was one of the key disagreements I had had with my father in his latter years and what directly lead me to ultimately discovering mediumship.

Shortly after he was diagnosed my parents sold a local shop that they owned and bought a large bed and breakfast in Edinburgh. At first it was joint work between my the two parents but as my father’s health worsened my mother and other family members replaced my father’s input. One of my major disagreements with my father was the price he had paid which was simply far too much, by about £60,000. Remember that number!

Shop - think it is now a hair dressers.

My father’s passing was a long and painful event which I do not wish to dwell on. When he crossed into spirit I can only say that is was a blessing simply because his final days, weeks and beyond gave a horrible quality of life.

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