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New Group for Holding Online Platform Work Formed

This is a new group I have just set up so it looks a little raw at the moment. I would like to invite all to join.

Marc Dancing on Platform at the The Light of TRuth Church Sunday 23rd October 2018.

The group is not to promote Platform Work, it is to actually hold platform work, but for Spiritual Mediumship only. It is very early days and there may well be a few experiments to get things working. At first it will be a case of announcing when, and you will have to register to be invited.

Skype at first and probably using a package called gotomeeting thereafter. The Medium working will ask people to share there spiritual energy to help them bring forward the spirits and will go to those who are selected by spirit. I would see each session lasting for between 1 and 2 hours and hopefully 20 to 40 people might get a message.

It will be done using video conferencing.

If you get a message you would be expected to stay for the entire session.

Clearly this will not be a Church meeting but we will try to duplicate the energy that is generated in such a meeting.

We will ask people in the group to register there attendance in advance and then it will go live at a specific time.

I will do the first few to get things sorted and working and will invite/allow others to try as well.

Further I would like also to introduce Jay Mann who is an administrator for the group. He is also my new PA and you will be getting exposed to him on my timeline. That sounds odd perhaps but you know what I mean.

Please join and invitations will follow as well.

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