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Platform Readings vs Private Readings

Working on a platform to give messages is very different from working to give a private message. And from the people looking for a message it may seem it is better to go to a private reading but there are some advantages for platform readings. There also might at first appear to be several disadvantages to getting a reading in a church or other venue from a Medium which I will deal with first.

Initially you may not get a reading. If you look it at statistically this is very true. I was working in a church two weeks ago along with several other mediums. Each gave two readings, so between us we gave a reading to about half the congregation. However, there was someone that three of us were drawn to give messages to. She was only given one message of course, but when we compared notes afterwards it was clear that she was in dire need of a message and Spirit guided three of us towards her. So those in need find that they will get a message. Not helpful if you just want perhaps, as those in need are prioritised first.

Second the reading is much shorter than a private reading. When giving a private reading the message will be between at least twenty to thirty minutes long, and it can be longer. A Platform message will be between five to ten. But the energy available for the Medium to work with on Platform is much greater than available when doing a private reading. This simply comes from the energy from the congregation being passed to the Medium. So, there is no messing around. From the Platform you can get straight to the point and deliver the evidence and message. It is faster and let’s just say more accurate in its delivery. Why, because spirit can be clearer with the higher level of energy.

Third a platform message is in public. It is essential that the Medium knows what to say and what not to say, and also how to say it. It is not something you can just pick up. You need to be taught and then go through a period of apprenticeship with an experienced Medium working on platform. The length and methods may vary between circles of course. But as a rule going through this makes sure you are ready to do private work. But it also means the you can just as easily come across a message from someone still going through that learning stage.

Me working on Platform in Buffalo September 2018

So, what are the advantages?

The one big advantage of the readings you get from the Platform is that they are essentially free or for a donation. Every church needs some income. What do you have to pay for a private reading? Well let’s say between £25 to £50. Let’s say a half way £40. Expensive but not totally the top. Let’s say you get half an hour for that. So, the cost per minute is about £1.33 a minute. Now how long is a reading in a church? Between three and five minutes. Let’s say a short one of three minutes. Now I don’t know how much you give as donation in Church. That is very personal. You could give nothing. You could give £1. But that is voluntary.

Second advantage is you get to see the Medium work before you go for a private reading. All mediums are people. And while we try to be a neutral as possible in terms of giving what we get through from spirit, personality and experience is part of that. I was once drawn to a man who was to get a message about Roulette gambling. As a casino fan with experience I was able to very quickly interpret the message for the man in a way that he could relate to. Another “square laced” medium might have interpreted the message very differently. You get a chance to see the style of the medium before you are involved in a one to one reading.

The reverse of the disadvantages of course. You are paying so you are guaranteed the time. I will not say guaranteed the message as the Medium can not guarantee to give what they cannot give. Personally, I have a strict code. If I feel that I have not been able to connect and give enough for the client I do not charge them. It does not happen very often, but I have done so a few times this year. It is not a case of ability, but energy can be low. The Medium can be tired. Or simply there can be no message coming through. What clients also do not like to hear is that they themselves can also block Spirit from coming through but that’s another tale for another day.

I would always recommend people to go to a Church first. If you have never had a reading it exposes you to what this movement is about and what to expect and not to expect. You can also see one or more mediums working and maybe see one you like.

And if you can’t get to a church? Well that is why I have started a new Facebook group called Spiritual Platform Mediumship which you can find at:

Which is going to try to duplicate the methods of working on Platform online. Still very early days, but there will be an audience, a Chair and working Medium. And we plan to try to duplicate the real-world Platform environment online.

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