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Radio Interview & Webinar from Hydesville Home of the Fox Sisters on the 19th of September.

If you have looked at my diary you will see that I am going to be in the Western New York area in a couple of weeks for just under a fortnight.  Whist there amongst a lot of other events will be going to Hydesville.

Foundation Stones from the Origional Home of the Fox Sisters

I will be holding a Skype conference with the Scottish Circle I am a member of and planning a walk around webinar for Facebook Live.  I have an event listed for this on Facebook. I am now also going to be interviewed live on a Web Radio service.

The Gardens at Hydesville around the foundations.

I will update details in due course in the event page and the diary page here.

The page for the Webinar is going to change - it's my fist one so learning as I go along. Will post details when I have it all sussed. 19th September is the day to be online if you want to see or hear or both even where is all started re Spiritualism.

Go to my Facebook profile @justascottishmedium or Marc Stuart Medium. 19th at 9pm UK time or 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

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