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Richard DeVos Tribute and a Request for a Prayer

I would like to ask everyone to send a prayer for someone who just passed to Spirit, a man called Richard DeVos. He is someone who outside of a certain industry you may well never have heard of. Yet he was cofounder of a company that in many ways changed the world.

It was and is the worlds first truly green company. All of its products in the seven on decades of existence are made wherever possible using green methodologies. For example, the company’s first product was a cleaning concentrate that you added to tap water reducing the waist of packaging and shipping umpteen times to get products that were essentially water to you in the shops.

The world’s largest manufacturer for example of vitamins which are totally plant based. No not the world’s manufacture f plant based, the world’s largest manufacturer of vitamins.

What was however the most remarkable thing that this man and his partner stated was an entire industry called MLM. I am not going into what those initials mean as this is an obituary not an advert. But in summary it helped people to develop their one business to become truly financially independent.

In terms of wealth Rich De Vos was a multi Billionaire. His company for example I one of the largest exporters of American products to China.

He was also a generous philanthropist and leaves behind many family members.

Rich passed at the age of 92 suffering from Cancer. Please everyone send a prayer to one of the co-founders of the Amway Corporation. I have been involved as an Independent Amway Business Owner for many years and in many ways, Amway changed my life’s direction. So, I send both my prayers and thanks.

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