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Spiritualism as a Religion and the Dancing Red Gingerbread Man

I have just added a dancing red Gingerbread Man to my web site for religious reasons. I am being serious. The Gingerbread man is a child’s fairy tale. We are all as humans’ children when it comes to understanding the world of spirit. Fishermen of Men is a song I always wanted to dance to:

I will make you fishers of men, Fishers of men, fishers of men. I will make you fishers of men, If you follow Me.

Summing up a phrase from the bible of course. And red to match the colour scheme of the web site as in the red telephone box – see last post about that. And positioned to draw attention to the Book Me button! So spread the word please” has a new dance session provided for all visitors looking for a “the Scottish medium”.

Okay so URL alterations aside what does Mediumship have to do with religion? What is religion? It is an expression of Man’s belief or rather fear that there is nothing beyond the grave. In this sense if you attend any Spiritualist activity even just getting a spiritual reading from a Medium you recognise Spiritualism as a form of religion as you are seeking evidence.

In the United Kingdom Spiritualism is the only religion recognised legally by law, Because of a very famous Scottish Medium called Helen Duncan, from Edinburgh, she became the last person in Great Britain to be jailed for witchcraft. Her readings became the stuff of sensation with her ability to summon the dead especially during World War Two. Investigations started after she told a meeting in Portsmouth in November 1941 of a conversation with a dead sailor, Sid, who died during the sinking of HMS Barham. The authorities had been covering the sinking of the ship up for security reasons. Letters had been sent to the families of the 861 men who died, and a newspaper report had also been published to pretend the ship was still floating. Helen is also often referred to as “The Scottish Medium” but the use of the phrase for her is a bit like the “Unmentionable Play”.

It is estimated that there are about four thousand two hundred different religions. Then within religions there are numerous subdivisions. Christianity by itself for example has thirty-three thousand denominations. Okay that’s the largest religion, so take a smaller number for each of those religions. Multiply the average number of subdivisions by 4,200 and you will end up with a huge number. So many different beliefs.

All religions can be said to have two things in common. Belief in a creator, and belief in life after death. Off course that's where the divisions start, as there is a huge range of opinions or beliefs as to who or what the creator is and what the other side of death looks like.

As a religion Spiritualism has three basic beliefs in tangible powers that affect the earthly plan (the physical world), Mediumship communication, healing energy and what we call ed the power of Synchronicity. Demonstration of these powers is given as evidence of life after death. However, does life after death prove that there is a god? Well that s a matter of opinion.

Personally, I say that no it does not prove there is a God. That for me is a matter of faith. Which brings us back to the start with so many different interpretations of faith and opinion. I suspect that when we arrive at the spiritual plain, spirits themselves will have faith that there is a creator and there will be another stage in our lives where we must progress beyond to the next level.

So, as a Marc Stuart Medium I believe in a God. At no time does the evidence that I provide of the power of life after death however prove that he or she exists. Because that would deprive us of our ability to have faith. That said I would not turn down evidence of the creator if it presented itself to me! But please don’t contact the Bo’ness Medium for proof of anything other than life after death.

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