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What is a Circle?

Why Is Joining a Circle So Important?

To be blunt I am getting fed up reading in various Facebook groups that people do not know what a circle is and asking all sorts of questions that are pointless. There is only one way to become a Spiritual Medium and that is through a circle. Also, to be clear this post is aimed at anyone wishing to seriously become a Spiritual Medium.

As a Medium I have seen circles in the USA and many of what I have experienced is also not a proper circle, so it gets even more confusing. So, this is why, then what you must get out of your circle.Scottish Spiritualism is very basic and to the point in the Circle.

A circle is a contract, between you and spirit. You are making a commitment to work and learn, and in return Spirit is agreeing to teach you how and give you the real experience in terms of how to. And most importantly in a safe environment. Yes, there are many other ways to learn, courses, books, workshops, but all of these are homework and not school itself. Even an intensive two-week course like the one I run through one of my businesses assumes with Spirit that you are seriously going to commit to working I a circle over time.

Okay so a Circle is a group of spiritualists. Usually with a range of abilities. A circle leader. And the combined power of everyone in the circle’s guides and spiritual teachers. They together form a spiritual circle around the human pupils to protect and teach. They work through the circle leaders and guide him or her as appropriately to teach guide and support the circle members. The purpose is over time to get every member of the circle to a stage where they can run work as a Spiritual Medium with their own guides to provide messages.

The circle should last approx. one and a half hours a week. Every week at the same time and or place (online if required). This is a contract between you and Spirit. Probably the least understood aspect of joining a circle and yet the most important. Spirit is going to open to you in the circle and you are going to develop and experience real communication very quickly for most people. But you must make this undertaking as well. So, you have to join a circle you know you will be able to attend and make the commitment to attend. All other members are doing so jointly.

The circle will be what is closed. An open circle is for people who are trying, not yet ready to make that commitment and generally not yet fully understanding what they are doing. Beginners for want of a better description. The closed Circle is open to new members, but only after they agree that they are going to stay long term. Obviously, people can go and try before doing so. The Church I am a Medium for, Dunfermline runs an open circle (pre corona-virus of course) and a closed circle. The open was like primary school whist the private is akin to secondary through to University level.

What to expect in the circle?

Teaching, discussion, and guidance first and foremost. However, this should not be the primary activity. If you get more than one meeting in a row with nothing practical, then walk away. How to ground yourself and open and close is lesson one. If this is not even mentioned on day one, then again walk away.

Opening and closing – with grounding. Then usually a guided meditation. This is where the circle leader takes you into a private mediation to meet with a loved one directly yourself. Or maybe meet your guides.

Sessions to open and communicate with. This is the most important of all activities. This is where a beginner starts to discover how Spirit will communicate. The first attempts will be embryonic. But with help and support from all circle members baby steps are taken for a beginner. Then as progression is made over time skills develop and trust in your specific spiritual guide(s). Mistakes will be made of course. That is why you are in a protected circle. Make the mistake in a safe location, not in the real world giving a private reading.

To be blunt in a real circle you are walking on fire most of the time! Which is why the circle has one total and absolute rule. Privacy – whatever happens in the circle stays there.

Wet blankets or tools may be used. For example Oracle cards. Gemstones. These are tools used by Spirit and valuable to help develop trust and progress. I refer to them as wet blankets as they are teaching tools. You should be able to work without them as you progress. But be able to use them if you wish.

Now how do you tell if the circle is up to scratch? Well be are full where and who. You are looking for all the following.

The person running the circle, the circle leader. This must be a working medium. Both giving readings and working on Platform or Gateway. The second requirement is the most important. At a very minimum the circle leader must have done both if not actively doing both now. Do not be afraid to ask and investigate with anyone running a circle about this status before making a commitment to join a circle.

Second the circle must be able to give you experience in what is called an after circle. That is some way for you to give readings from platform / gateway and private readings. Ultimately you are looking for an environment that the leader of the circle is able to let you get real experience.

Clearly the best place to go for a circle is a Church. So, under normal circumstances find your local Spiritual Church. And by local it is often necessary to travel to find the correct circle. See my comments about commitment.

Personally, I have been attended four different circles. I left three of them because it was time to get further experience in another circle. I had for one circle to travel about an hour to get there. Sometimes I knew it was time to move but was reluctant to so Spirit kicked me up the rear end to get me to move!

If going to a private provider like myself ask questions and do your research. In the current environment doing it online is obviously the only way. So, I have set up a Zoom Business account and am now using StreamYard on my Facebook Platform/Gateway broadcasts on a Sunday. I am able to run a meeting as in a Circle with full control so that everyone is able to interact. And on a Sunday can have more than one person working to give messages to a Facebook audience. So able to do both the training in a private and safe environment and bring people on to work with me to give messages to a group.

Anyway whatever you do, get into a circle and get yourself committed to Spirit and take the plunge to start the journey seriously and not just play around.

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