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What Is a Trained Medium and why is it so important?

Mediumship is a set of skills that you must learn. You do not wake up one morning with a gift and thus be able to safely deliver messages. It is hard work and takes time.

You learn the skills in a circle. Read books, ask others for help yes. Practice on Facebook and other online sites. But the keys skills are learned in a safe environment and a protected one. The emphasis on protected. Protection from the multiple guardian angles of the number of people in the circle and other spirits that help.

The skills are as follows:

1. How to open and close.

2. How to meditate in a state than enables a spiritual connection.

3. How to receive and send messages to spirit.

4. How to interpret what you receive. Messages can come through in a huge number of ways. The way I receive will not be the same as you. Therefore, in a circle you will meet a range of people, increasing the chance of meeting someone that receives in the same way. And you will be trained in trying different methods and ways.

5. How to deliver messages to the other party. This was for me the hardest skill to learn. What do I mean? Example of how not to deliver a message. Example Message – you are ill and need to see a Doctor. We are not medically qualified to give such a message under any circumstances. Example Message to someone who is married – I have your ex-partner coming through – when the current partner is sitting there in the church.

The people guided by spirit to run circles are very special people. Ter ability to communicate with Spirit is in some ways more specialised than a normal medium. They can tune into other mediums often seeing what they are seeing. The can communicate with the spirits teaching those in the circle. They will have been and may still be working mediums, but they give a huge amount of time and effort every week to the development and training of others as Mediums.

There are two types of circle. Open circles where all are welcome to go and work. That’s where you start as the training is at a basic level. Then once you have this level of skill you would move onto a closed circle.

And lets be clear about this. You must commit to spirit to attend on a weekly basis over time. Spirit thorough the circle will the commit to you.

The final stage of training is to work with an experienced medium doing Church or Platform work. This is where you learn about how to deliver the messages.

If you are approaching a Medium and do not know them or their abilities, ask about their experience. Which circles are they sitting or have sat in. The good one’s have reputations that you can ask about. What churches have they worked in.

If you think you have abilities, then this is the course of action to take. At a very minimum you must be able to open and close.

Open means spirts can approach you. That includes good as well as bad spirits and there are a lot of them around. But also lost spirits, that is people who have not realised they have passed to the Spiritual plane.

And if constantly open every time you are contacted by spirit they draw your energy. Making you constantly drained and tired.

And if not trained properly how do you fully know what to do or not do? You are dangerous working in an untrained fashion.

If wanting to learn, do a workshop or attend an pen circle. Do this through a Church initially.

I have written this document as I am now being approached by people looking for advice and training. I am not a circle leader nor do I feel qualified to teach, so this is my contribution to hep you find the right path or understand what is involved.

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