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Do you remember the old telephones? The rotary dial or even the early push button styles?

Google them and you will get a variety of results, and the key element here is that in those old phones you only knew a call was in coming when it rang. The other part of it was that if you didn’t pick up the phone, you wouldn’t know who had called. Unlike today’s phone with caller id, recording of missed calls and even text messages, the old phone was simply a two-way device to connect and enable short verbal conversations.

I was reminded of the old phones because in last Sunday’s event. Marc became aware of some messages. As Marc described or gave information about what was coming thru, but no one in the video stream was really recognizing the messages. Because Marc continue to get unrecognized messages, and no one on the video stream seem to get a solid yes or no. Marc had to move on to the next message and in my mind the thought kept repeating, (See link below)

Who is missing in our call today? It was noticeable that many people connected and then disconnected – stopped watching not staying for the full hour (in fact Marc ended working well over the hour).

Who missed out on a message? Did they leave the house only for the phone to ring?

Who could have benefited from a brief glimpse or even a few words, was it you?

Did spirit come in looking to connect with you and now it has to find a different way?

Please don’t miss out on Marc’s work. We have had a particularly good number of messages and many people gave very strong positive responses.

If you are available to come and watch on Sunday, you might actually get a more personal message than you had expected, with a real two-way connection.

Oscar (Admin for Mac Stuart Medium)

(Last Sunday's Messages.)

To take part every Sunday go to the page

at 8pm UK time 5 pm Eastern (you may have to click on videos) or look up justascottishmedium on live videos.

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