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Spiritualism and Racism.

Yesterday I attended what I thought was going to be an enjoyed event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. Instead I was bored, upset at what was three complainers moaning about the end of their personal comfortable world after Brexit. And I for my political beliefs was described as a racist by one of the speakers on multiple occasions.

It made me ask a profound question – how you can hold racist views and be a spiritualist. Basic belief of spiritualism is death after life in the form of an energy or soul like being. Spirit on what we call the earthy plane inhabits our physical body. So yes, there are many racial style bodies. Does our spirit have the same colour as your skin? I even find the question preposterous.

I have never to my knowledge met a spiritual racist. So, does being a spiritualist preclude you from being a racist? Unfortunately, not. I can think of one individual who if not practicing the beliefs of spiritualism certainly believed in the afterlife. Hitler who is well documented in his pursuit of various non-mainstream thought processes which would indicate some sort of afterlife belief.

But most if not all the spiritualists I have ever met are the most accepting of not just race but beliefs of others.

As for why I was a racist in the descriptions? I believe in border control.

The Swedes are Coming. Swedish Warship at Leith Edinburgh 2009 - just because we put a poster up!

I acted in a very un-spiritualist fashion at the book signing where I confronted and made my views clear to a said Mr David Andress. Conversation went along the lines of please provide a link between border control and racism. Which he failed to do in any way. A poster that had people from one country lining up from one perceived country was deemed to be racist. Please stop making slanderous statements from a platform then. Which he refused.

I must admit I may have been a little overbearing in the conversation and in the end decided to withdraw point having been made.

Why does this make me angry? Well as my life partner is racially Chinese and have visited China myself, I have come across with her very real racism. And I will not in any way stand and be accused of such. Further given my beliefs as explained above.

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