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“Theres Half (300 million), Pay for the coffee – don’t mess up or I will put a spell on you!”

The Medium in the House of Gucci - Movie

The Medium throughs a bag with 300 Million Lira at the Mafia hitman screaming, pay the coffee, don’t mess up or I will cast a spell on you! Yes I said Medium.

It is a scene fairly late in the movie “The House of Gucci”, which I went to see on Christmas Eve and enjoyed it so much that I went back on Boxing Day. As a working Medium I found this the most fascinating character in the movie, a real life Medium who without giving her entire part in the movie away is now in jail serving a 26 year sentence for Murder of one of the Gucci clan.

Oh what the hell, the plot now unfolds and it is a long movie! Patrizia Reggiani an Italian woman working for her father's trucking firm goes to a party. She meets Maurizio Gucci, a law student and heir to half of the Gucci fashion house from his father Rodolfo.

She chases him, seduces him and causes a split with his father who does not approve of her and sees through her as a money grabbing female. Patrizia and Maurizio then marry, Maurizio then takes a job at the Reggiani trucking company They then have a child.

Aldo, Maurizio and a terminally ill Rodolfo reconcile shortly before the latter's death. Rodolfo writes Maurizio back into his will but fails to sign a document which exposes the inheritance to a fortune in inheritance tax. Patrizia fakes Rodolfo's signature, giving Maurizio a 50% of Gucci’s shares.

Meanwhile Aldo Gucci the New York based Uncle has brought the couple under his wing and starts to share management of the empire with them.

Patrizia then starts to devise a plot to obtain a controlling interest in Gucci by acquiring some of Aldo and his son Paolo's shares (the two hold the other 50% interest). She clashes with Aldo over the hidden sale of cheap "fake" Gucci products on the black market, and begins to consult Giuseppina "Pina", a medium, for guidance.

Manipulates Maurizio, who has little real interest in Gucci, into being more active role within the company. Paolo acquires proof that Aldo has been evading taxes in the United States; he gives the proof to Patrizia in exchange for her promise that he will be allowed to design his own fashion line.

Aldo gets arrested by the IRS and sentenced to a year and a day in prison. Paolo is not authorized to use the Gucci trademark and the police stop the fashion show he and his wife are running blocking him from using the Gucci name in competition. There is not a real risk as he is portrayed as a bumbling idiot with no real skills, but they avoid damage to the Gucci branding.

Italian police then ransack Maurizio's house and attempt to arrest him for forging Rodolfo's signature. Maurizio and Patrizia flee to Switzerland, where Maurizio meets his old friend Paola Franchi. After an argument between Maurizio and Patrizia, Maurizio decides that he is tired of his wife's influence on himself and the company. He orders his wife and daughter to return to Italy and begins an affair with Paola, which Pina senses in one of her readings.

When Maurizio's business plans harm the company, he seeks assistance from equity company Investcorp, through which he hatches a scheme to acquire shares of the company from a now-impoverished Paolo. Aldo returns from prison and immediately realizes what Paolo has done. When Investcorp offers to buy Aldo out, he refuses until Maurizio reveals himself as the deal's instigator. Depressed, Aldo sells the shares.

Patrizia attempts a reconciliation with Maurizio, but he flatly ignores her. Later, he asks Patrizia for a divorce through his long-time assistant Domenico De Sole who is suspected of being behind the police attempting to arrest Maurizio over the forged signature, which Patrizia refuses.

Maurizio then recruits an up-and-coming designer Tom Ford to revitalize the company's image through a new line. Ford's products are highly successful, but Maurizio has so thoroughly mismanaged the company that Investcorp's leaders feel the need to buy him out, replacing him with Ford and De Sole and Maurizio realises what his assistant has been planning all along. However we do not actually see the deal being completed, as Maurizio storms out of the meeting.

Meanwhile Patrizia eventually grows so furious with Maurizio that she asks Pina (the Medium) to help her kill him. Pina puts Patrizia in contact with some hitmen "from Sicily." A few days later, the hitmen shoot Maurizio to death in broad daylight outside his residence.

The closing titles describe the fate of the remaining characters. Aldo dies of prostate cancer and Paolo died in poverty shortly following the sale of their shares to Maurizio. Patrizia, Pina, and the two hitmen are sentenced to long prison terms following their arrest for murder. Gucci is fully acquired by Investcorp and successfully managed into the present; no Gucci family members remain at the company. It is now worth approx. $60 Billion.

So, the Medium is in fact a very minor player in all of this. Friend of the central character and we only see her giving readings at first then a few scenes as the friendship between the two female characters develops beyond just getting readings. It moves into support and then partner in crime. It is implied they may in fact have become lovers by one scene, although nothing specific. But the two of them are having a Mud Bath together.

The readings given do seam in the story to be accurate. For example, the first encounter is when Patrizia sees Pina doing a television phone in reading program. So, phoning in she almost immediately gets told that she is coming into a huge fortune, as she is seducing a member of the Gucci family this motivates her of course and it does become true very quickly.

The second most accurate reading is when Pina senses that Maurizio is consummating his affair with Paola. It is only a look on her face, but it is clearly portrayed in the Movie that she is sensing not only what is happening but the timing of it as well giving all the evidence the audience need that this is for real and not some half-baked sham artist.

But to go from support of a client to being a friend is not an issue but helping said friend to commit murder is just taking that friendship a little too far. You do not see any direct evidence of Pina taking money excessively from Patrizia, but it is implied – re mud baths!

As a Movie it was great. As lessons on how not to abuse your Medium skills, don’t think to many of us will find ourselves friends of the super-rich. But if we do, be aware of what you put out comes back to visit you as she is now in jail for murder. And she points this out to her client several times about putting bad energy out and about.

I can’t promise lessons in Murder in my Circles, but as the Scottish Medium or the Real Scottish Medium I will teach real Scottish based methods of Spiritual and Psychic Mediumship, not to be confused with the Italian methods as portrayed in this movie.

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