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Am I a Psychic Medium?

Well yes and no. I can give psychic readings which makes me a psychic medium. For example, when I was training in circle, they once had a guest psychic medium try to read me and I was able to block him – which left him floundering. Especially when I then went on to demonstrate my ability to read him psychically and others.

But as I describe myself as a Spiritual Medium and do not do private Psychic readings. However, spirit will sometimes guide me to add an element of psychic reading to speed things up when required. So again yes.

I am deliberately making this confusing to illustrate my point for this article. Most people are confused about what a Psychic Medium is.

It is amazingly simple. Spiritual is communicating with the spirits of your loved ones and friends on the other side. Psychic is reading you or some other person still who is alive. Not so much a message as an impression of your personality, knowledge about you and even reading your mind.

I often get people approaching me and asking if I will give them a Psychic reading. Once I explain that I am a Spiritualism Medium and what that means, I get met with oh that is what I wanted. I suspect that very few people are looking for a Psychic reading.

People use the two terms, Psychic and Spiritual interchangeably. I am Church trained, and my background is Church Spiritualism. So, I find it exceedingly difficult to either use the term Psychic Medium to promote myself or when people use it erroneously. However, people are searching online for the term Psychic much more than Spiritual, so it is something I just must adapt to. I did a little research into the actual numbers, and for Scotland at least it is three times more people searching for Psychic than Spiritual.

Marc Stuart standing in front of a Red British Telephone Box in Xi'an China outside a bar selling Spirits.
Marc Stuart Medium - Smart Phone for Spiritual Communication

So, I am and will be promoting myself as a Psychic Medium, although it means Spiritual Medium!

Confused, well so am I!

Just remember that whatever the name my point is to enable you to talk and get messages from loved ones on the other side.

I am the smart phone for Spiritual Communication!

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