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The Kelpie (and a Film Review - Fantastic Beasts 2 - The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

Okay to begin with there is absolutely nothing spiritual in the movie. It is a pre Harry Potter being born prequel or sequel to Fantastic Beasts 1. BUT it features their version of a Scottish and Norwegian legendary spiritual beast the Kelpie. So this is a combined film review and discussion of this national treasure and the question – is it real?

So movie first. I will not say it is the worst movie ever made, but is it the worst Harry Potter movie – ever, ever, ever and err ever! Now I am a great science fiction and fantasy movie fan. I am not a great fan of Harry Potter. Never read any of the books and only base my knowledge on the movies. They were plot wise okay but in places in the movies I got lost, or more accurately lost interest and got lost. The basic plot was okay. But when it got down to who was dating whom and just who was related to who and why Harry was the great one…err don’t ask me is what I am saying.

But special effects and characterization all top notch. And they were fun. And the author was Scottish – so what more could you ask for?

Well err a plot you can follow. So the latest movie and zero plot. Or if there is a plot I failed to follow it. To many characters who I was asking err who is that? Perhaps having four female characters who all looked and sounded identical did not help. Or was it three or five, it was confusing.

Lot of surprising revelations and turns. Or at least they were supposed to be but whatever they were did not follow them. Was left asking what happened?

Went with my wife, at least she was able to fall asleep during the movie. I would have walked out if it were not for the fact that she was comfortable and using my shoulder as an arm rest.

But special effects as ever great. Especially the Kelpie.

Two Kelpies in Falkirk!

Now what is a Kelpie you ask? Well it’s a spiritual creature that presents itself as half fish half horse. No it’s not a Seahorse. Differences? Sea Horse is a live creature and is salt water on the other side of the planet. Kelpie much larger and can change shape. Assumes either the shape of a beautiful young woman or man. Why?

Well traveler beware when going near a Scottish Loch (lake) as they are subjected to seduction (smile) capture (err) and death. Send for the Medium then?

They are Celtic and mostly Scottish in terms of where and when. There are some rumors that whatever the Loch Ness Monster is (presumed real) gave rise to the legends. But unless you have ever met one of these creatures lets just say legendary.

Now my interest in them is more than an excuse for writing this prattle. I am trading as JustaScottishMedium and live near to the Falkirk Horse Heads. They are in fact representations of Kelpies. Thirty meters high made of metal and illuminated at night. Recently on the way home from working at Alloa Spiritual Church whilst driving past I thought that would make a great logo for myself which you will now find on the Marc Stuart Medium page.

I have put the collection of photos taken up on Instagram and put a couple here as a preview of the collection.

Up close and personal!
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