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What Does a Medium Look Like?

I had an interesting conversation today and very amusing.

I was paying money into the post office for the business bank account. The Post Mistress was making casual conversation. I was complaining about how busy I was after starting the day and being what should have been extremely quit.

She at one point asked me, “...just what is it you do anyway?”

“Medium.” I replied.


“Medium.” I said for the second time.


“I help people to communicate with their lost loved ones and friends.”

“Yes, I know...but you look nothing like a Medium.”

“You need to give me a reading the next time you come in.”

I explained that I would need to sit for a few minutes, open up, listen to her voice and see who wanted to talk. She laughed we chatted a little more and I have an open invitation to the local Post Office back room for a coffee. Networking opportunity presents itself.

But on a more serious point or rather a couple of them.

We all have perceptions of what proceptions or people should look like. What is your thought about what a Medium should look like? I obviously through the Churches I am a member of know a lot of Mediums. There is an elder woman with Purple hair. There is a man who could pass as a Bank Manager. There is someone who could pass as a school teacher. Then again, she actually is a school teacher.

Rather a traditional view of Mediumship.

Point being that being a Medium is a skill that anyone can earn, so you should have no expectations about someone. And yes, I will be loading a photo of myself soon. In the meantime, male, six foot, Caucasian, short brown hair.

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