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A Very Wet Medium

So yesterday I put out bad energy. Today I got the spiritual payback.

I went to another Edinburgh Book Festival event which was entirely enjoyable. Met my lovely life partner immediately after the book signing. We were going to go to a comedy in the Fringe.

First strike. We went to buy the ticket only to discover that it was the outlet that only sold discounted tickets and the show we wanted was not discounted. We could buy them online and pick them up at the next stall.

Second Strike. Out with the mobile phones to try to acquire online. After 20 minutes of not finding the appropriate web site on google we started walking to the next site which was about 10 minutes' walk.

Third Strike. After a very sunny day and mild temperature it started to rain. After a slight downpour it became very heavy. Okay giving up on the walk we about turned and went to Marks & Spencer. Had a very nice light meal. Planning on now going to the cinema.

Fourth Strike. On the walk back to the car park the rain continues. Walking up a busy road a car drives past us to fast. Through the puddle. Showering the two of us from shoulder to foot.

So now utterly soaking we went home.

A soaking wet me - Picture care of my loving ...

Lessoned learned which I already knew. Bad energy out bad energy back at you. Or rather practice what you preach.

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