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Do New Phones Maketh a New Medium?

As a modern professional medium I run my work as a business activity, and I have recently upgraded my business phone system to a tablet-based system that allows me to manage all of my business numbers and communication tools efficiently. It will enable me to work very differently and offer a new way to get a reading from me.

This system is integrated with apps like Zoom the app I use for circles, making it easier for me to manage my appointments and communicate with my clients and colleagues remotely. The leased line in the Penicuik premises (where I have a reading room) also provides improved broadband speeds, ensuring high-quality and reliable calls and video conferences. Investing in a modern phone system will improve my business's customer service and responsiveness, saving time and money by automating certain tasks.

Marc Stuart Medium upgrading his phone system
The New Phones

Off course there is also the training metaphor I use of Mobile phones re opening and closing. That a medium as a smart phone highlights the process of interpreting spiritual messages and the energy required to do so. Just like a smart phone, I must interpret the messages I receive from the spiritual realm. Interpreting these messages can be challenging, requiring intuition and practice to decipher, and connecting with the spiritual realm can be emotionally and mentally draining. To maintain my abilities, I must continue to develop my skills and engage in self-care practices such as making sure that I am fully closed to the spiritual realm when not working.

I am a well-known and respected medium based in Scotland, offering clients various options for receiving spiritual readings. From my premises, on Zoom and attending events and people’s homes. I have gained a reputation for my accuracy and authenticity in delivering spiritual readings, praised for my ability to connect with the spiritual realm and provide insightful and meaningful readings. Clients can experience my gifts first-hand through my in-person sessions on Psychic Mondays at my clinic in Penicuik, as well as participate in my spiritual circles on Zoom.

Marc's new phone in his Penicuik Reading Room
The Phone in Penicuik

The new phone system also will add the ability to do phone messages. I have always provided video recordings of my Zoom readings. Often in an hour long reading I bring forward evidence which the sitter misses and may if lucky remember later. The recording lets them go back over in detail. The new phone system will give me the ability to record al outgoing and incoming calls, so for a reading I will soon add the option for a phone reading with a recording of the reading.

I also offer stage performances where I guarantee a reading or your money back. These events are highly popular, with people eager to witness my abilities as a medium and connect with their loved ones who have passed on. Whether you attend one of my in-person sessions, participate in a spiritual circle on Zoom, or attend one of my stage performances, you can trust that you will receive a genuine and accurate reading from a gifted medium dedicated to helping others connect with the spiritual realm.

Marc Stuart Medium is the Practice Manager in the Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic
Treatment Room Phone

My phone system is VIOP based and enables me to access calls on both my smart phone and both in Penicuik and Bo'ness. It works across the multiple businesses I work including the Penicuik Podiatrist Clinic and my own Mediumship businesses with four actual numbers feeding into it. The equipment has ben installed, but the lines and broadband are still being worked on. I am probably looking at another four weeks before it is al finalized, now it is outgoing calls only and I have the old fashioned (VoIP phones) siting beside the new equipment. I never thought I would hear my new shiny new phones that are only a few years old being described by myself as old fashioned.

Where Marc does his Zoom Circles
Marc's Home Office

I can now carry my tablet around and use it like the phone and tablet. Have a new vibration headset for example. Move around the home with it, for making and receiving calls don’t have to be sitting in the office for example.

Anyway, looking forward to adding that extra bot of jazz to the readings I am using.

On a final note, whilst all the sceptics re spiritualist upgrading their tech, never mind about spiritualism, it might amaze you to know that the inventor of Television had some spiritual adventures which he detailed in his autobiography. I must get around to reviewing the copy in my spiritual library lol. Granted we had phones pre television, but as my new phones are screen based so to speak… On that happy note think I have rambled enough for one day.

Then again, another example of the power of the spiritual movement in Scotland these days!

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