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The Scottish Medium is being attacked on Facebook so please if you are following me read and take care.

I seem to be attracting some scammers trying to get payments from people for readings. I had what I suspect was the one person using multiple accounts sending messages to the thirty odd people watching my live streaming of readings on Sunday. I blocked each one and deleted the posts that were made. I also suspect who it was who was doing this.

Who ever was doing it was charging exactly the same as I do for a private reading which is not a world trade secret but shows that they were paying attention to me and matching what I charge. They had also apparently sent messages the previous week. I will continue to block anyone doing this as far as I can. But just for reference I do not send private messages asking you to book a reading from me. I sate I do readings in some messages when I receive a friend request but always refer people to my web site first. If you receive such a message please let me do as I am trying to block them.

On the other hand I take it as a compliment that they think I am worthy of being followed like this. But folks please take care. So says Marc Stuart Medium @justascottishmedium.

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