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Supreme Commander Servalan Rest in Piece

The actress Jacoline Pierce sadly passed a few days ago into spirit. I do not know her religious beliefs but as I was a childhood fan of her work, I now hope she is in Spirit and rejoicing in the truth. And of course, total sympathies to her friends, relations and other fans.

She was one of the stars of a BBC TV show called Blake’s 7. A group of space age terrorists fighting a evil galactic Earth based galaxy wide empire. Special effects standard fare for the BBC 1970’s. What was special about the show were the characters and the early plots. Towards the end of the series it did become well a little past it shall we say.

Supreme Commander Servalan was the series major villain. And handled very well by this relatively undiscovered star. She started as an evil conspiring galactic security officer/politician. Launched a coup d’état and became the president. Then lost power and fought back in the latter years of the series.

She was straight faced evil and delivered very sexually. I know several men who love to dress up in her slink white dress outfits. Don’t ask me why I don’t really understand the attraction, but they are happy at SF conventions doing this. Perhaps it was the extremely short hair style which she always claimed was her own creative input into the character.

The central star was Roj Blake of the title. A convicted child molester, and openly a terrorist. Things we now condemn in the fight against terror like bombs and terrorist attacks, the BBC had him and compatriots doing almost every week that the show ran. The other heroes included a thief, a smuggler an a financial fraudster – all convicted criminals.

Whilst a straight-faced character Jaqueline could turn the emotions on if required. When seducing the other hero of the show, Avon, and her effective romantic interest at the point of a gun with one or other tied up. Or breaking into tears when her cloned embryos were killed. It was just one of those touching moments.

I am going to go back and dig the show out and watch again. The world is a sadder place without evil talent as delivered through Servalan. Other parts taken by the actress included Chessene in also the BBC SF show Doctor Who. She passed of cancer.




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