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Am I really an International Medium and what has it done for me?

When I work in the USA and in some churches in Scotland, I occasionally come across people using the term International Medium. What is an International Medium then, and am I one of this elusive band of enlightened beings? Please note the semi sarcasm there. Says "the Scottish Medium!".

I define International Mediumship as either giving readings in a different country to your residence and or preferably working on platform, gallery or stage.

When I first got involved in Spiritualism, I joined my local church. They have one medium who in the church is very popular with the members. The readings that spirit gave through her were always particularly good. I am a friend and like her very much.

However, she was described by everyone with wanderlust in their voices as an international medium. And in all fairness, she was. She traveled back and forth between Scotland and Denmark. She had a group of people there that she worked for and with. I believe that she stopped doing this within the last couple of years, however due to age.

Did that make her a better spiritual medium? Well it did widen her horizons. The messages that I personally have received from her were not that accurate, but that does not undo the excellent messages I saw her give to others on many occasions. But in my case at least the international description did not do any wonders for myself when she gave me the readings, and it was before I worked internationally myself. Which is why there is an element of sarcasm in the introduction.

So why is all of this relevant to me? Obviously in my case I have now started to work internationally. So far this year by March (2020) I have carried out Spiritual reading functions in Chicago, Fredonia NYS, several places in Scotland and Xi’an China. I do now see the differences that this brings.

In Scotland it makes me realize just how good, in fact brilliant we have it. An active movement of Spiritualist Churches and Centers. More Church Trained Mediums than I can count. I am constantly meeting people I did not know in Churches (not now of course) who work for spirit in ways that amaze me.

In the USA I have been able to get close to Spiritualist history, for example I have visited Hydesville the home of the Fox Sisters four times in the last decade. And Lily Dale multiple times, a closed town of Spiritualists. At the same time been exposed to Spiritual Fairs that are huge and make the Fairs I work here in Scotland tiny. Plus, exposure to a much commercial way of working.

With regard to Churches again it is eye opening to see how things are done with an emphasis on for example using technology. And even the Churches are run on a more commercial basis which some of our smaller Scottish Churches could learn from.

China is like taking a trip into our ancient history. Every aspect of any form of Spiritualism and Mediumship is illegal. I have been giving online readings to a small group of friends for many years online and my trip there was a private meeting amongst friends, at which I was giving readings. They have no experience of what we are so used to in both Scotland ad the USA reacted as though I was some sort of ancient magician. Yet their culture accepts respect for the ancestors in ways that I would describe as very close to early forms of Spiritualism!

So similar reaction when I get back to Scotland. Many thanks to the real Scottish Medium Helen Duncan for her time behind bars which led to the law being changed and spiritualism being recognized in the entire UK.

What else do I get from the internationalism of my Mediumship? Well I get to work for Spirit in places outside of where I thought I would ever work when I first started and meet many people internationally. To provide training courses in the USA with a USA based medium. I have many, many friends outside of the UK that I would never have met without working as a Medium.

Maybe however the question is the wrong way around, what does me working internationally ever done for the people who spirit works through me for? Well I can give real examples of on several occasions people were directed to me for readings because of my knowledge of travel internationally or even just of Scotland. But that is common for all Spiritual and Psychic Mediums in terms of our personal experiences of evidential evidence giving. If you are a medium and do not know what I mean, go back to training.

Beyond this opening their eyes for the most part. In China it was totally astounding to see the reaction of people who come from the one party would be communist state to see a Spiritual Medium working and providing literal proof of life after death. Though I think it was difficult for them to accept that it was not just me that was demonstrating some sort of psychic ability.

In the USA similar but more focused on spiritualists. They often approach me not because I say “International” but because I am Scottish, if you doubt that search Google for “The Scottish Medium”. When they see the different ways that we work and compare after have conversations about it, it opens their eyes.

Does it mean that spirit is able to deliver more accurate spiritual and psychic messages through me? Of that I humbly will leave the article finished by saying I have no idea. I will however end with yet more sarcasm, and say that International is a label I don’t like using, as I think Scottish Spiritualism is a far stronger description to use both about myself and the hundreds if not thousands of other Church Trained Mediums in Scotland. And yes, that does give us advantages re the way we were trained and work, even compared to across the border in England.

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