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Hello and welcome to the site. I am going to be writing articles under various headers, all linked to Spiritualism. I only became a Spiritualist just over a decade ago and started my ten years journey to becoming a Medium. I am currently in the process of writing a book. I work in Churches and give private readings. I am also very well-travelled and have seen many styles of mediumship in many countries. I should also say that I work internationally in more than one country and with the use of skype - though I do prefer to meet a new client face to face at least once. History is also a fascination of mine.

So, I am going to write articles about what I am doing on what I call my spiritualist journey combined with historical articles on the same subject. Combined with opinion pieces about the spiritual earthly world, the history of spiritualism and the subject of my book.

My name is Marc Stuart. I live in central Scotland. I am focussed in my mediumship work towards Western New York State.

My Book will be called Dark Spirits. It has nothing to do with any form of evil spirit, the name comes from my fascination with Dark Matter and Dark Energy in physics and what this means for the Universe which includes the Spiritual realm.

A shot my wife took on a recent trip to Xi'an China.

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